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Recycle Bin
Incomplete Schizophrenia

I have to admit that a band have rarely chosen their name as appropriately as Estonia’s RECYCLE BIN did. Their debut equals an assembly centre filled with countless containers complete with colourful lids in which you cant throw whatever kind of heavy metal for recycling. But out of all the things given away RECYCLE BIN create a really explosive whole which principally consists of recycled things, this is hidden so well though, you are convinced quite quickly that the regardless mixture of many Metal sounds in this form can be labelled more than just praiseworthy.

Without any regard to casualties rude Thrash Metal riffs collide with contemporary Nu respectively Alternative Metal, brutish Hard-/Metalcore with almost progressive Rock passages and as in the case of “Centrex”, the harmonious sound of a didgeridoo may also take a seat in the broadwall sound. Besides they go through diverse emotions and quickly take out the Metal root on wonderful melodies and guitar solos, seemingly not to have to dwell upon one feeling for too long. It should be clear to everyone of you that quite some twisted and crazy sceneries for the ears arise at that. This walk on the edge continues throughout the album in musical as well as vocal terms, which eventually guarantees the unity within the songs.

Of course, much has already reached the ear from another band and nevertheless you can recommend “Incomplete Schizophrenia” (the album title fits excellently, too) without restrictions and only advise you to give the album a try. Eighty percent of the listeners will probably be convinced to buy this elaborate work, and they will do so without the slightest fear of regretting the decision after the first three spins at home already. RECYCLE BIN are no innovators that will revolutionize the Metal field, but if would be really presumptuous to expect such a great deed from a band whose musicians have just become of age. The first full album’s potential is extraordinarily high nonetheless, and after the two demos “Shut Up” (2001) and “Walls” (2002) they probably waited for the right moment to dash off towards mankind with the debut.

Due to the professional approach to every single song, RECYCLE BIN can quite do without the exotic bonus that is used time and again. The five-piece band does not need it by any means, and if a proper distributor is found “Incomplete Schizophrenia” should quickly find new friends, not only on a national level. RECYCLE BIN would definitely deserve it, the more so since the album’s design and the awesomely thick production equals international standards. Nothing that was done by halves, but metallic neck slaps in abundance. As acoustic teasers “Sweet Side Of Heaven”, which thunders off after the short intro “Incomplete”, the contemporary “Neckless”, the wonderfully melodic “Digital Slaves” or the varied “Bath For Brains” should be mentioned as representatives for the other crackers. (Online February 20, 2005)

Author: Alex E

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