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URT – Varjuring

(Advance Promo CDR 2004)

Hell yeah, this is another great band hailing from Estonia. I already wrote some words about URT in “Four Fists of Armageddon” 4-way split CD, now I can only repeat myself! This is really great black metal album, with unique atmosphere and great tracks! Actually, URT reminds me a lot other Estonian acts, like LOITS and MUST MISSA; the atmosphere of the music is similar in all these bands, they don’t sound like Norwegian band for example, but simply like Estonian hordes! “Varjuring” contains 10 great tracks, from which just one (“Madukeha”) was recorded on 4-way split as well. By the way, I really like this track, the opening part of it is simply crushing and very good! Basically all tracks are equal and interesting; based on raw, rather simple, traditional playing, but not primitive nor boring. It’s kind of playing you can compare to early ULVER and HADES (to take well known names), but not exactly of course. Riffs are simple, sound is raw, but arrangements, song structures and heathen / monumental / melodic atmosphere, completed by often acoustic parts make this album very interesting. URT managed to compose truly memorable anthems, whose some fragments are amazing! And definitely we can say URT, along with LOITS for example is very original band both in sound and musical style. Especially Estonian lyrics, sang with raw, harsh voice make it much different from most of Western or Scandinavian bands. Also you won’t find such cold atmosphere on many releases nowadays! So, I guess I don’t have to recommend this album; you already should start to look for it. Hopefully URT will manage to release it soon!

90 / 100

Author: Marcin
Zine: Panzerfaust zine

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