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Vere Kutse Kohustab

If I´m not wrong, this is my second contact with an Estonian band, after Metsatoll. Loits seem to be one of the most prominent bands from that Baltic country, and “Vere Hutse Kohustab” is their second album. It has been released by the guys at Ledo Takas, more precisely by the endeavouring efforts of Mr. Tadas Kazlauskas, main responsible of that zine. I remember with a lot of respect that publication, for I had the chance of buying issue #7 some years ago (1999) and it was one of the most professional made zines I ever read, with interesting articles, interviews and reviews, and a nice layout and printing. Hmmm, I admit I´ve just gone to the closet where I put the old zines and I´ve given a nostalgic outlook to the stuff in there... People always talked about Nordic Vision and so on, but Ledo Takas had nothing to envy to the Norwegian zines... well, let´s just drop that, I´m deflecting again...! As I say, it seems that Ledo Takas is prone on releasing good bands from the Baltic zone mainly, a good idea since some interesting surprises have appeared there in the last times. Not just Skyforger from Latvia; bands as Manatark or Metsatoll are in the nice path of great music.

Loits is a band enthusiastic in carrying the flag of their homeland; away from nazi imagery or misinterpretations, they are just willing to sing and play about pride, Estonia, and other romantic, epic topics. All in all, very Skyforger, isn´t it? They use their native tongue to sing –although lyrics are translated to English in the booklet-, are from a Baltic country, sing about their land, and their style is heathen/black metal. Is the music that similar? Well, to a certain extent I´d say it is. “Vere Hutse Kohustab” is in the vein of the first Skyforger album, “Kauja Pie Saules”, but not much, really. One could think of Loits as a band inspired by what Skyforger stood for when they appeared in the scene then: a metal band proud of their heritage and nationality. On the other hand, Loits are developing their own music, away from the Skyforger guys. If I had to quote the traits in common between both bands, I´d say the raspy vocals à la Master´s Hammer, the sound of guitars, the structure and speed of the songs and melodies and the imagery and inspiration. Going to the real thing: Loits play mostly mid-paced black metal with some pagan elements, e.g. solemn clean voices. However the clean voices are one of the downs of the album, sounding most of the times wrong. Take for instance those clean vocals in “Kodu”; simply awful, sorry. That´s something the band should work on.

When building the songs, Loits have give the riffs the main role, and they are kind of simple but effective. The bass and drums fit perfectly in the music, being the rhythm section one of the strong ups of the album. Nothing intrincate, that´s sure, but who cares? It´s powerful, thick and stout, and that´s the point. The music also incorporates some raids into classic heavy metal. Songs are short, the production is quite good and the guys are not pretentious in song making, conforming easy-to-the-ear patterns and avoiding twisted passages. We can hardly find folk instruments, except for a flute or other traditional folky musical device here and there, in loose moments. There is also a hidden track at the end of the CD. It seems a traditional song based on vocals and a harmonica or accordion or something. Soundtrack of a Estonian village fest, maybe! Finally: you´ll find in this album good riffs, black metal mid-tempo, pagan elements and a friendly, raw but melodic sound. Nothing overwhelming but somehow enjoyable.

Author: Fjordi
Zine: Tartarean Desire

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