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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Loits. They're not a Nazi band, or so they say. There is a disclaimer Loits has in the info they sent along with their newest album"Vere Kutse Kohustab" to review. It's a good thing they had this disclaimer too, because I would have thought they were a Naziistic band if I wouldn't have been told so before I listened to it. They do sing about World War II and the pride they have of their Estonian forefathers, and some people I know would mistake that for being racist, but it's not. Either way, a band's political/racial leanings mean little to me, so I don't care one way or another. I just thought I'd state the fact and clear that up for those that might care or those that might get a wrong impression of the band before I proceeded with the review of this fine, fine album.

I so badly want to call Loits a true folk black metal band, but I can't really. I mean, I personally would categorize them as such, but more casual listeners of folk metal wouldn't think the folk element is strong enough to call it folk metal. So be warned before buying this because while this has quite a few folk elements, they aren't prevalent throughout the album. The metal can best be described as Burzum and 90's-era Mayhem meets early Satyricon. "Vere Kutse Kohustab" is mostly a mid-tempo black metal album filled with epic and swaying melodies and far above average musicianship. On top of this all, there are tons of great acoustical interludes to be found, and there's a fair share of accordion parts here as well which give the album a Finntroll/Moosorrow/Windir feeling at times. Hell, the last "hidden" track is an all accordion affair with folk singing around a campfire and it downright rules. All of the music, whether it's just the more black metal parts playing or the folkier parts, is very well structured and catchy as hell.

The lyrics are sung in Estonian, or whatever language the people of Estonia sing in (forgive my ignorance on the subject. The language sounds German to me), and as stated earlier the lyrics deal with war, old ways of life and national pride. The vocalist is frigging outstanding! He sounds like Attila Csihar, only twice as grim if you can believe that! Not only does the vocalist sing in this ultra raw style with ease, but he can also do the "clean" vocals very well when the folkier aspects of the album come into play. Truly one of the best and most unique new vocalists I've heard this year!

For an unheard of band on an unheard of label, this album has great production. The accordion parts mix well with the guitars, drums and bass and the vocals shine through everything well without being too low or loud in the mix.

The packaging and layout is something I can't really comment on as the promo just has the cover art and tracklisting. There's one cool thing on here from a reviewers standpoint, though. This promo contains a multimedia press kit that is included right on the C.D. itself. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work because my computer hatched a foul plot against me, but this is the first time I've seen that on a promo and that's a pretty cool idea. The cover art is an excellent photo of a statue of some fallen warrior with sword and shield in hand and battle axe on his belt. The "Loits" logo is cool, even if it's indecipherable. There's a little upside down peace symbol with some "S" shaped boots arranged in a swastica-like fashion. But they aren't a nazi band, honest! Ha! One thing you may want to know is that there are two versions of this album. I believe this version I have is the jewel case version, and there's another digipak version that contains totally different artwork

This album is so damn good that I recommend all fans of black, folk and pagan metal go out and grab it as soon as you can. This is truly a unique album in the "folk metal" genre, and you owe it to yourself to check it out. If I had gotten this album a little bit earlier before I made up my Top 10 Of 2004 list for Metal Coven, this would have definitely made the list. I plan on getting their earlier full length release quick-like and hope they come back soon to give us another dose of accordion enhanced black metal!

Author: Britton Dicks
Zine: Metal Coven

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