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Landscapes of Condolence

I know some people became interested in Surrogoat after reading my awesome and incredible review for their first demo, named “Excuses for Oppression”. In consideration for those people and for the general public, I now give you the review for the latest release by this great Estonian Death Metal band: “Landscapes of Condolence”. In this one, the band have both more and new members (err...I like chicken?), and it shows a great expansion in the sound and depth of the songs.

First of all, I’m not even sure if this should be considered a demo, because the production is extremely competent for an independent release and one is able to hear all the instruments better than in most death metal albums. Another thing to be mentioned is the great quality of the booklet, which beats the living shit of many booklets by many established artists. The album cover is pretty neat as well, a bit weird for my general tastes, but still very interesting.

The music is still mid-paced death metal, with several nods to the old school, but the songs are written way better and are even heavier than before. The vocals are brutal and killer, while the guitars are thick and heavy, complimented by hard-hitting drumming. As I stated before, the songs featured here are not as one-dimensional as in their first effort; while
they are spiced with sudden outbursts of music like in the track amusingly (and grammatically incorrect) entitled “El Niño Satánicos”. The speed is increased a bit in the last song, which is my favorite and by far the best one, but in all honesty, they all rule.

I must say that this band is by far one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve heard in the past few months, and I really enjoy their brand of 100% Estonian Metal. I stand behind my words, and I recommend Surrogoat to anyone who likes well-played death metal with lots of heart. Sure, there are many details they have to work with, but I just can’t imagine how they will sound once they have the means to release their first real album.

Rating: 8 pumpkin-headed ladies out of 10.

Author: AztecB
Zine: Global Domination

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