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The Lynch-Lawyers' Death Squad

It`s hard to believe that this is Horricane`s first demo. Not only does this promo look the absolute business with a black/silver slipcase, black CD-R and professionally printed biography; but the music sounds so confident, so assured that you'd think Horricane had been doing this for years.
Opener “Coup de Grace” starts with two notes on a synthesizer before the most massive, perfect death metal riff crushes you in an avalanche of sound. This must be one of the best death metal songs I've heard for ages, the mixture of crushing riffs and foreboding synthetic atmospheres have not been used this effectively since “Soulside Journey”. Don't expect any blast-beats, virtuoso guitar solos or any other extraneous fat, Horricane`s slow burning, doom-laden bludgeon has been honed to a fine art; they know what they are good at and they stick to it for the duration of this CD. Guitarists PCHN and ANZ create the type of riffs that Trey Azagthoth would kill for; ERX screams himself sore with an astonishingly intense performance; and MDX`s drums rain down on the listener like a violent hailstorm.
Simply put, you don`t often find such a fine example of atmospheric death metal this side of Morbid Angel`s “Domination”. I hope some label will do the right thing and sign Horricane in the near future, because if this is just a fucking demo, then I await an album`s worth of material with considerable anticipation!

Author: Jamie
Zine: Black Minds

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