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The Lynch-Lawyers' Death Squad

Oh, I have a black, imprinted CDR, packed in a noble silver-black paper cover. If you take the cover alone then you would suppose hardcore or New Metal, three faceless men in suits, weapons just before the attack.. But again I trick myself by the appearance: here an unknown sound construct is celebrated.
But, first the introduction of the Band...HORRICANE comes from Estonia and according to information they are among the most popular Metal Combos of their country. They perform gigs of well-tried groups like Vader, Susperia, Fear Factory or Behemoth. An astonishing achievement, considering that this band of 6 members only exists since 2002. But even more creditable is the fact, that they managed to create their own style in such a short time:
ultra fat and profound guitar riffs in the groovy-dissonant style of Morbid Angel or here and there from Fear Factory, a damned powerful voice which somehow half bawls, half grunts and half screames into my ear-phone. And oh yes, there are also the countless breaks which are precisely supported by the beating drums played in a medium speed, these breaks enthuse with many fill-ins (sometimes even a bit jazzy). However, they even top this: over all of this floats the abnormal keyboard and the sick Samples who create a horror-like atmosphere.

Here are experts at work, everything is very technical, but they take skilfully care not to destroy the omnipresent and bone-crushing groove with it.

Who would have expected that in a country like Estonia a production like this was possible, a production who can easily match with the likes of the Morrissound or the Abyss Sudio! What a start-up for the young band. Above all the Opener Could de Grace offers the listener the true colour of the band. Still somehow all 5 tracks have something aggressive hymn-like and a haunting atmosphere (and this from a Death Metal Band). The texts are quite Death'n Roll, you like to have an example? "Hey you, you know what Demons are always right.", from Demon-Strate. You have to test HORRICANE, this band deserves to be elevated from the faceless mass of groups! I have only one criticism: The CD which plays only 27 minutes is too short!!!!

Author: Doris

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