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Must Missa
Ma Ei Talu Valgust

MUST MISSA'2004 "Ma Ei Talu Valgust" (Death to Mankind)

1. Kõnge Tuhaks / Drop Dead to Ashes
2. Koolita Kristlast Kirvega / Teach the Christian with an Axe
3. Inimpeldik Eluebard / Human-crap Life-bastard
4. Sured Hirmust / You Die from Fear
5. Elutu Olevik / Lifeless Present
6. Mai Ei Talu Valgust / I Can't Stand the Light
7. Varjuta End / Eclipse Yourself
8. Jääst / Of Ice

When I finally got my copy of Must Missa's debut album I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Originally due out in 2002 on my own ill-fated adventure into the label world (namely Parasite Records), this recording has experienced numerous delays, problems and nervous breakdowns of those involved with its release. Thankfully, Spanish label Death to Mankind stepped in, the recording was completed and now we finally have the finished produced, somewhat belated but no less exciting to listen to.
And so to the music: Must Missa play Norwegian influenced black metal with heavy old school influences, such as Slayer and Celtic Frost. Think something like a more brutal version of Carpathian Forest's "Stange Old Brew" and you're halfway there. Lazy band comparisons do not do this album justice however, as Must Missa's style is as instantly recognisable as any; outstanding tracks such as the genius "Koolita Kristlast Kirvega" and the opener "Kхnge Tuhaks"see to that. And that's not forgetting the blitzkrieg thrash of "Sured Hirmust" and "Elutu Olevik". Must Missa are not trying to be one of the most clever or original bands of today, but they are certainly one of the best.
So what you get with this CD is forty two minutes of audial thrash warfare from one of the purest metal bands of today's scene. And seriously, when you buy a CD, are you really expecting anything more than that?

[ Jamie | Rating: 10/10 | 56 | 4 August 2004 ]

Author: Jamie
Zine: Black Minds Magazine

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