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The Lynch-Lawyers' Death Squad

Debut of the year! Without any but's!! It's hard for me to belive that this fucking band( in a positive meaning) poped up in this near Baltic country, but it seems that I don't know that area very good because the biography says in the band play famous persons from estonian scene. Fucked up nicknames (Erx, Pchn, Anz, Vx, Dzdz, Mdx) make the investigation harder but it's not a mystery in their country that it's people from bands like: Assamalla, Kalm, Decease czy [o3] but music of Horricane is far from similarity to them. Anyway it's not important - I don't give a shit who plays there it may be even the priest from Saint Brigide church and I will still eat from the band's hand. Death/dark metal, with which these Estonians brought me to my knees, is a rare and new school ofplaying mehcanical and cybernetic like. Powerful, solid hypnotic sounds with devilish atmosphere with a big doze of keyboards, wwhich experiments are very intresting, and totally possesed and evil growl. It's hard to look for musical similarities but the atmosphere is close to albums of Red Harvest, Behemoth or even Carpathian Forest. Starting from ideas, thru the production quality and finishing on the demo package - I may describe it a highly sophisticated on highest level. If I may add - it's electrifying and making amazing impression. It is sure that the fight for this band will be between the bigest companies in metal biznes. But before they'll be selling records in any company, look for this demo - 30 minutes of totally fucking your brain to pieces, unbanal, death metal hammer in a very modern way not happen every day.

Author: Olo
Zine: Masterful Magazine

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