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Recycle Bin
Incomplete Schizophrenia

“Estonia lies along the Baltic Sea, just below Finland. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city is only about 40 miles south of Helsinki, across the Gulf of Finland. Sweden is Estonia's western neighbour across the Baltic. Russia is to the east, with St. Petersburg just across the northeastern border. To the south is Latvia with its capital city Riga. You can depart from Tallinn's international airport and in less than two hours be in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Riga, Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Vilnius.”

The above-mentioned information is about the only valuable info one can find about the home country of Recycle Bin. Nevertheless after having heard “Incomplete Schizophrenia” for a couple of times, one could hardly guess the origin of this Estonian emo/metalcore foundation. Well, who cares?

Recycle Bin has got a short past, so to speak, starting off in ’99 as a school-rock band, playing merely covers of bands like Metallica, Nirvana and The Offspring. However though, nowadays Recycle Bin’s sound has been changed dramatically one could say. “Incomplete Schizophrenia” kicks off with a ferocious song, which reminds me of the chaos of a band like Strapping Young Lad and the bombast of Machine Head. The following songs though definitely sound as being created by Recycle Bin only, emotional and melodic intermezzos are running smoothly aside the brutal metalcore rhythms. Vocalist Hans Luik seems to be screaming out his entire digestion system and therefore shows a lot of comparison with SYL’s Devin Townsend. In contrary to the screaming vocals there’s also a bunch of choruses featuring some quality clean ‘Rob Flynn-like’ vocals. That’s why it doesn’t quite surprise me that most of the reviewers mention the name Machine Head in their reviews of “Incomplete Schizophrenia”.

Does this however mean that I’m absolutely satisfied after having a sabbatical year? Not quite. I still miss something to hold on to while listening, something to grab my throat or to at least keep my full attention. Unfortunately this is not the case, I’m having a hard time to keep on focussed till the end of the album and at times I’m just wondering if it would not be best to put something else on. Nowadays it seems hard to find a band that has got that special flavour, which keeps you going for weeks if not months. Maybe this will be granted in the future by these Estonians, as this is their first album and let’s not forget most of their members are nearly 18 years old. Therefore I confirm the qualities and potential of this band and there’s still a long road ahead.

Author: Markabre

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