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Excuses For Oppression

As someone once said, “Internet can be greater than great”. You cannot only download unholy amounts of porn, watch thousands of animations and commit all sorts of financial crimes, but you also get to know a lot of people and cultures from all over the world. And of course, that includes heavy metal music. Browsing the 'net one day, I found a very interesting Estonian band named Surrogoat. So I contacted them and had their stuff sent to my place. After 2 grueling months of waiting, the fucking mailman finally arrived, and now I’ll share with you what I heard.

For starters, I have to say that the production is very good for a demo, clear enough but still raw and dirty in the right places. And considering it’s their first one, the booklet and CD are printed in a very professional fashion, at least it seems that they really want to get moving. And another detail that pleasantly surprised me was a little piece of paper inside the booklet, which said “I’m very lucky that you’ve got our record!!”

The music is competent, groovy, and mid-paced death metal, with some speed changes here and there, but always keeping the intensity. The vocals are harsh and brutal, but not guttural to the point where you have no idea what the singer is saying. The guitars are pretty good and the riffs are massive, being my favorite part of the demo. Some soloing is present in the songs, spicing and diversifying them. The drums and bass are nothing out of the ordinary, but are good for the genre’s general standards.

The fifth song, which is not mentioned in the booklet (and it's a remix of the first track done by 6 Legz) really caught me off guard .The song is very electronic and trippy, and for some reason it reminds me a bit of Ulver, later era (which I liked). This impression was strengthened by some wolf howling samples. Anyhow, this little demo from Estonia was a very nice surprise, and as their second demo proves, Surrogoat is a band that keeps evolving with time. I really look forward for their first full length album.

And so should you.

Rating: 7/10.

Author: AztecB
Zine: Global Domination

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