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Must Missa
Goat Of Sin

MUST MISSA '2004 “Goat of Sin” (Promo)

1. Goat of Sin
2. You Filthy Pig
3. K6nge Tuhaks
4. Varjuta
5. Pure Hate
6. Heavy Metal Bastard

This promo from Must Missa might have come out hot on the heels of their debut “Ma Ei Talu Valgust”, but there is about two years separating the recordings – so “Goat of Sin” is a different kettle of fish entirely.
Tracks 1-5 were recorded live in 2004 with good sound quality and “Heavy Metal Bastard” is a re-recorded version a track originally meant to be on the debut but didn't make it.
The music is much more thrash orientated than Missa's earlier material, opener “Goat of Sin” is a hard-hitter Slayer-esque mosh fest, while the riffs on “You Filthy Pig” show a strong influence of German thrash legends Destruction. “Pure Hate”, another new track, is probably the best song by Missa so far, this one has to be heard to be believed! A real reich'n'roll blitzkrieg... The holocaust is made complete by a crushing version of “K6nge Tuhaks” from the debut and “Varjuta” which is from the bands demo.
23 minutes of beer-swilling, headbanging thrash metal (M)ayhem. If you are a label and are looking for a band to sign, get in touch with either the band or myself to receive a copy. Regular metalheads can listen to the title-track on the downloads section of Black Minds. If this promo is anything to go by, the next album might well knock the world off its axis...!!

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Author: Jamie
Zine: Black Minds Magazine

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