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Landscapes of Condolence

To be honest, exactly how many of us own a record from Estonia? Well, I do now. And a damn brutal one. This Estonian metal platoon has been together since 1999 and has developed their style, making a few adjustments, during the years - but always staying on the more brutal side with death, thrash and early black metal. This CD is their latest offering and it contains 6 tracks of kinda slow, mid-paced, hard and heavy death metal. The sound quality is great and I've been enjoying this for the bigger part of today, never really getting tired of it. Even though it's, as said, only 6 tracks and this is not something I normally pick up on. But these five Estonians manage to keep it interesting all the way through. Grunting dark vocals, heavy foot- and arm-work behind the drums and deep "chainsaw" guitars. Imagine Machine Head, Slayer and… Cannibal Corpse maybe, together, although a little slower, and you should get a pretty accurate image of this band. Lyric wise it's not too exciting though, pretty much the world is going to hell, WW3 breaks out, and Satan comes to take over. But then again, I guess it could be a comment on American politics just as well.

Author: Krogh
Zine: ATTACK!fanzine

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