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The Sick Experience

Loom are an Estonian band playing heavy music somewhere between Alice In Chains, Peer Günt and Motörhead. This band has a certain attitude and drive that tells you they're on to something. What that "something" exactly is is hard to pinpoint.

On the flipside this band is still quite raw, as in they haven't quite got their songwriting down to a sweet science yet. Vocalist/Bassist Margus Sikk sounds like a literal cross between Lemmy and T. Nikki from Peer Günt, but with poorer English. In other words he doesn't sound pretty and most certainly won't be the posterboy of the month in any teenie bopper magazines. Musically the songs are crammed full of leads and diverse arrangements, some of which don't quite serve the purpose of the songs themselves. Sometimes less means more, a lesson that most times has to be learned the hard way. The album mix is pretty good, but I'm left with the feeling that either the guitars could have been more edgy, with a bit more bite, or then the vocals should have been mixed a bit differently since they almost feel like a separate element from the body of the music at times.

Overall the song arrangements could have used a bit more work and nothing really stands out head over heels but don't get me wrong, this is a good debut that holds a good deal of promise. The band has even managed to get opening spots for Paradise Lost in Estonia so they're making inroads. Voted "Best Young Band" of 2002 in Estonia, they're leading the pack from that area of the world. A bit monotonous in the long haul but worth a listen.


Author: Starbuck

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