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Terast mis hangund me hinge

Metsatöll is a folk/pagan metal band from Estonia. In Estonian metal scene it’s quite famous whereas elsewhere little known. So far, they have only released this one album, but we’re to receive addition soon.

This album totally turned my opinion about folk metal as a style upside down. I had always known that us Estonians are capable of doing great metal music, but I couldn’t possibly expect something THAT great. My point is – this album found its place among my very favorites, together with the gods Blind Guardian and Metallica. But what makes it so great? Here we go…
First: the fact that the singing is done in Estonian. I love to hear my own native tongue. Everything must not be in English.
Second: the guitar play. Sometimes quite thrashy and has some sheer aggressiveness in them, in perfect match with the lyrics, whereas sometimes it’s melodic and slow.
Third: use of folk music instruments like bagpipes and jew’s harp. Furthermore, the musicians’ skill with these.
Fourth: the lyrics. The very best I’ve heard, in 100% match with my beliefs and ideas. They’re mainly about Estonians’ fight for their freedom in the 13th century against the Christian invaders. Though the Estonians had to succumb to the overwhelming forces of steel-clad knights, these songs and the knowing of history let me understand and believe that we did not cower. There are also lyrics about wolves, nature and Estonian ancient mythology.

Not much more to say… the music and the singing are both very unique, as folk metal must be. The album contains metallized versions of Estonian ancient folk songs, which makes the album twice as valuable. Everything is presented with awesome perfection and good production. I really cannot see a single flaw in this masterpiece, save the fact that it’s too short. But that’s with every truly good piece of music, is it not?

Author: DemiGötter
Zine: Metalstorm

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