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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Vere Kutse Kohustab CD
[ Ledo Takas Records ] (7½)

Estonian Loits is for its country somewhat like Latvian Skyforger, who has also given a couple of shows here in Finland. Both performers’ pagan, slightly black-metal spirited metal music, spiced with traditional instruments and patriotic themes, is a homespun that the two of them master skilfully. It was positive to receive some Loits material in the form of genuine CD, as I had got acquainted to the band through an earlier cassette recording and promo tracks from 7-inch vinyls.

Vere Kutse Kohustab consists of a dozen, mostly mid-tempo tracks, which riffs remind of modern black metal in style. Riffs are rather simple and catchy. Personal touch is brought to the music with melodies that, from time to time, sound even over-cheerful. Also the usage of keyboards and accordion add distinctive colours to the pagan and traditional flavoured metal of Loits. At its best, the riffs are really enrapturing. An outro sounding like humppa (Finnish popular folk music) is hidden in the end of the record. The song is probably Estonian traditional music at its worst/best.

The guitar sound is a very typical representative of the field, especially when comparing Loits to black metal bands of same type. Rugged and crude sound is clear enough, but still far from sterile and powerless buzzing. In its own way, it reminds of the sound on newest Darkthrone records. Keyboards on the other hand, repel the band away from primitive nuances, which necessarily is neither a good nor a bad thing. Drums hammer nicely and the crackling vocals are pleasantly dry and dirty. There are also clean attempts, but they represent clear minority.

Loits continues with same tough style as before, but not exactly reaching the heights of top records. The best moments seem too sparing. Otherwise, the record offers a very good and in a way, a conventional trip to the land of Estonian pagan metal. As a bonus, the record includes multimedia-material to be viewed in computer.

Serpent, 03.11.2004

Author: Serpent
Zine: Imperiumi

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User comments for this release:

Dark patrick  08.12.2004 11:42
Quote: "If anything it reminds me of Edith Piaf and sums up images of gnarly old villagers stubbornly playing draughts and drinking wine on the streets as bombs explode all around them."

I never actually liked the "hidden" song "Metsavendade laul" particularly, but this visual image brought it much closer to my heart. I'm not kidding when I say I had shivers down my spine after reading this passage. Thanks, Pete!

cantor_satana  17.02.2005 12:04
Thank you very much Loits, the gig in Torvi(Finland) were great and allso new album is fantastic, more of this.

triin  13.04.2005 15:42
jummala mega bänd....originaalne muusika ja .......

elle  08.05.2005 22:09
Loits on nii meeletult hea,et pole sõnu...mis seksikas vokaal..

autoblinda  04.04.2006 23:42
wow...what a horrible thing ,to sing in a native language.


muumia  08.07.2006 19:11
its not even just metal..its like vierlieng sdhooting at russian bomber formation..and thats what most of its about...yes yes..even my grandpa was in that so condemned estonian legion...and so what...he was many of our greandads were there..fighting for a reason..fighting for brighter sun to shine...every one wouldve done that..everyone from every nation...we failed...but...we are alive now...and its nothing there to stop us mwahahaaaaa

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