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Vere Kutse Kohustab

LOITS „Vere Kutse Kohustab“ – ode for high technicality and “anger“ for Estonia and nationality

So far, I have been occupied with reviews for foreign acts, except for few products of local bands. So this time, the job was more or less ordinary. But in the heat of organizing the affairs of CANNIBAL CORPSE invasion in Vilnius I received a promo copy of a recent release. Yeah, I recognized the label. But what about the authors?
The attempt to encrypt the title of both the band and the album on the cardboard cover was unsuccessful. Anyway, the records on CD were clearer. Well, there are LOITS and their new album „Vere Kutse Kohustab“. This is the first time for me to review a product of neighbours. “Baltic Thunder”, “Tėvynei” (“For Homeland”), “Goat Guts Over Europe 2003”, “Kilkim Žaibu” (“Rise In Lightning”), “Prieblanda” (“Twilight”) – oh yeah, I found Estonian comrades to be rather frequent guests in Lithuania. As I have seen them play a number of shows here, the chance to write a few words about the personification of their creation in plastics dissected by laser seemed to be attractive.
My eyes still refused to get used to the unusual type of track titles, consequently I decided to listen the tracks one by one in order to get a general impression. What can be found here then? The “sharp” still not very brutal vocals, sound of pagan/black/folk metal with evident spice of patriotism radical enough – all being the elements of LOITS visiting-card for years. Hence the joy of skinheads is quite understandable. But all of this descends from their last period. The black stage-uniform of rigid, kind of military cut appears in front of my eyes insensibly. Why? That’s because the disc also gives you 55 minutes of severe and hard music, blowing spirit of fight, amazing perfect techniques, flavoured by “clear” vocals, unexpected inserts of folk motives, diluted with melancholic, soft and easy pieces. Only some kind of anger and blood, grave but still uplifted, feels in all 12 (maybe 13?) tracks. This points that those Estonians have nothing to do with sweet and glazy pop music. The whole album is rather smooth in topic but that is not true considering each individual song. Those are different, interesting, created without any pattern undoubtedly or, Thunderer sees, not copying anybody though… The ninth track (“Home”, my eyes get used to those letters at last!) is a little bit similar to AMON AMARTH, the twelfth one seems to sound like MAYHEM. No associations anymore.
Anyway, it is worth to mark few songs because of their maturity, unexpected turns of sound and really pretty techniques. Those are fifth “Baptized In Fire“, followed by „The Song Of Old Legionaries“ and eighth „Nameless Grave”. Ninth and twelfth tracks were mentioned already above. The latter is especially original. It seems as if everything is finished at seventh minute but after a short silence it continues. There is one more song not labelled on the cover… What the hell does it sound like? One could recognize something like German table songs or marches (calm, calm) whereas accordion tunes just recall the spirit of old Russian movies. This song lasts for four minutes more, so the finale is more than a surprise. Maybe an ending like that is suitable for a job well done, ha? You must hear this album, and even better – to have it in your collection. So, don’t waste your time!

Rating 9/10.

„Vere Kutse Kohustab“
„Ledo Takas Rec.“ 2004
Running time 55:16

Sorry, my eyes are tired looking at the print on the cover. So I can just say there are 12 tracks and one covered, I guess. If you would like to encipher those let’s invoke manual of typography and your own fantasy!

Author: Birute Surinenaite
Zine: Ferrum

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