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Landscapes of Condolence

Despite having great pro press and layout quality, the band still considers this mini-cd as a demo. Wow!. Well, this is the second release for this estonian band, that play a great and powerfull mix of thrash and death, heavy, deep, powerfull.
All the songs goes at mid tempo, perfect for headshaking, like Machine Head's, "slow" Slayer, something from Konkhra, and so on, despite that voice is guttural, but not as much as brutal death metal. It has some riffs more into heavy-thrash, but very good as well. Special mention to guitar and bass sound. Really great!.

This is a conceptual album, that I'll describe using the words of the band available in their website (with their kind permission, of course):
" And there is a story that helps you to understand this album.

Story behind this album is very simple. The world is a temple of condolence. Our world is quickly approaching its decline. It is weakened by faith and wars, first two songs tell about that ("Rottenminded Clerk" and "World War III").
And it gives Satan some advantage. So he creates some major disasters ("El Nino Satanicos" and "Demonic Rain") and sends its armies to devour humans ("Rise From Below"). And finally, people have nothing to do, but escape, to the coldest places on earth ("Into the Misery"). And so this world ends in misery and destruction. Satan clears this place up and starts to build his own powerful kingdom."

I would recommend this album for the people that like this style and is not looking for something fast but powerfull. By the way: very good funny cover, that remembers me Atrox's.

Author: JM
Zine: Not Quiet Music

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