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Taak - Koerapööriöö 08-12-2014
When I saw this cd, I didn't know what to expect from such weird name, title and cover. When I heard it, it finaly appeared to be the only music that could have emerge from such a record : heavy doom metal ... Read more >>

Urt - Ussikuningas - Saatanhark II 22-02-2013
Since the middle of the 90s Estonia had a really strong Pagan Black Metal scene. Of course I think that in Lithuania it was even stronger. However even the memory of bands such as Tharaphita, Kalm, Manatark ... Read more >>

Neoandertals - Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child 18-02-2013
As terrifying as this world can be, only a few things really scare the living shit out of me and make me poop my pants. For one, I have arachnophobia horribly bad. The second I see any form of a spider, ... Read more >>

Bestia - Kümme surmatalve 14-02-2013
If I recall correctly this is the first DVD to be reviewed in our magazine. Although Estonian band Bestia has been active for more than a decade, it could be classed together with bands of the younger ... Read more >>

Urt - Varjuring 08-02-2013
Urt is probably one of the most popular bands in the Estonian Black Metal scene. Maybe not so famous and original like Loits, not so appealing and appreciated for easy-to-digest content like Metsatöll, ... Read more >>
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