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Kantor Voy

1. The Somnambulent | mp3
2. Canvas Girl | mp3
3. Past the Doorstep
4. Beyond
5. Modulor
6. Vanity
7. One Certain Box | mp3
Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: -
Notes: Produced by Kaspar Torn & Arne Holm. Mixed by Arne Holm at MusicWorks Studios. Engineered by Kaspar Torn, Arne Holm & Elmu Värk.
Mastered by Arne Holm. Arranged by Kaspar Torn & Kantor Voy. Music by Kaspar Torn. Lyrics by Draconic.

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User comments for this release:

The ENIGMA  04.06.2005 01:04
Üks parimatest asjadest mis, mitta ainult EEstis, vaid üle maailma, ilmus 2004 aasatal.

This is a fucking FABULOUS record! Musicianship, songwriting, attitude; everything is "spot on." These guys shoudl take over the World. This album warrants repeated listens, revealing wonderful new things each time. If THIS is indicative of the state of Estonian music & Estonian metal ["Estmetal" ;)], in general (and I believe it is!) then the World has found teh muysical cradle and source that will lead it for the next 25 years (or more!). --If only people are able to hear this stuff!!
HEADSWITCH is a STELLAR album; FAR beyone 95% of the stuff that appears on the scene. Carnifex (aparrently) was a force to be reckoned with and KANTOR VOY is even moreso! This is a BRILLIANT debut from a unique and dedicated band. A powerful musical experience. -Suurepärane!!
Tarvib kuulamist!

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