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Celestial Crown

1. Before The Soul Ascends
2. Where A River Runs
3. Under Serene Sky | mp3
4. Catabasis
5. She | mp3
6. Storm
7. Close Your Eyes
8. Alone in The Desert | mp3
9. Within A Red Light
Released: 2014
Format: CD/LP
Label: Divenia Music
Notes: “Ascending” was recorded and mixed by Celestial Crown at
A Veiled Empire Records
(Tartu, Estonia) in 2013.
Music and Lyrics by Celestial Crown
Mastered by Colin Davis at ImperialMastering in 2014.
Produced by Celestial Crown
Released by Divenia Music as DigitalRelease.
Released by Celestial Crown as DIGIPACK on 20th November.
We would like to thank all our friends for support
and patience during all these long years of
silence while we were working hard
on a new material. Thank you!!!
Special thanks to Colin for helping us with mastering!
Visit The Official Celestial Crown Homepage:
Cover Artwork, Digital Art and Layout by Hely
2014 Divenia Music

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