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Ronkade parved

1. Ronkade parved | mp3
2. F.S. | mp3
3. Mälestus kustutab leegi | mp3
4. Verine koidik
5. Silmis härmatis
6. Taeva tõurastaja
7. Arg sõdalane
8. Tasumise päev
9. Õiglaste tulek
10. Viimne lahing
Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Hexenreich
Notes: Drums for this release were recorded on last days of 2007 with assistance of Riho "Sorts" Kiiber in distant Naruski village. Other instruments and voices were recorded on different sessions and locations in Tallinn during 2008. Mastered by Asko-Rome Altsoo in December 2008/January 2009.

First very special edition comes in dvd size (A5) digipack, limited to 99 hand numbered copies. Contains 10 tracks, 7 of them are brand new and 3 have appeared on previous releases, but got totally re-arranged. Careful listener may find something what is not listed....

Andres - guitar, vocals, synth
Reivo - bass, vocals
Kaval Ants - guitar, vocals
V. Arckharum - main vocals
Rain - drums (*), vocals

Thonolan - drums
Siiri - flute
Janno - sax
Grete - viola

Second edition of "Ronkade parved" is released by Evil Distribution (Latvia). Digipak CD is limited to 300 hand numbered copies only. Includes special bonus track "Pööripäeva lummuses".

Third edition of "Ronkade parved" is released by Roots Active Productions (Thailand), CD-R is limited to 66 hand numbered copies. Includes "Õiglaste tulek" EP as bonus.

Fourth edition of "Ronkade parved" is released by Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine), tape is limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Includes "F.S." rehearsal track as bonus.

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