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Ei Kahetse Midagi

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1. Tulisilma Sünd
2. Sinimäed 1944
3. Tõelised Kuningad
4. Valge Nägu
5. Hauast Aupaistesse
6. Kolmjalg
7. Veri
8. Sinu Mees, Sinu Vend, Sinu Poeg
9. Tõelised Kuningad (early version)*
Released: 2007
Format: LP
Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede / Flak'n'Roll Records
Notes: We’ve claimed in several interviews that no album is really released until it’s been pressed onto vinyl — which means, we’re somewhat embarrassed to note, that our debut full-length has so far remained in the veritable limbo of “real” or vinylised records. Now, though, we’ve been extended a helping hand in this matter by our small but devoted German partner, the record label Eisenwald Tonschmiede, and the matter has finally reached a positive conclusion.

As is common in the contemporary vinyl market, the release will be a limited one. Still, we’ve managed to take even this practice to a near-ridiculous extremity by having a special, particularly highly limited version released of the above-mentioned, already limited vinyl release.

Version 1: “Ei Kahetse Midagi” gatefold-LP by Loits; 500 copies pressed. The gatefold edition includes a classic black vinyl disc, featuring the original version of „Tõelised kuningad” as a bonus track. The disc is encased in a beautiful, multi-colour folder/inlay sleeve. The release also features an A2 poster.

Version 2: „Ei Kahetse Midagi” gatefold-LP by Loits; 100 copies pressed. The very special, extremely limited, collector’s item LP also includes the gatefold sleeve, the inlay sleeve and the poster accompanying the regular limited edition LP described above, but the whole shebang together with a silver, specially-made-for-this-edition sleeve patch, is placed in an elegant black cardboard box, adorned with an inlaid silver Loits logo and album title. And as if this was not enough, there’s another surprise waiting for you inside the album sleeve — namely an exclusive green-and-black splatter vinyl disc!

Please address your orders for „Ei Kahetse Midagi” LPs to our German friends at Eisenwald Tonschmiede; contact them at /

That’s it; now all we’ve got to do is wait for the LP version of „Must album” to be released in no less exclusive form by Eisenwald Tonschmiede already this summer.

Loits I - Loits VIII Recorded and mixed in first half of 2001 at Matrix Audio by Elmu Värk. Digitally re-mastered by Kristo Kotkas at No-Big-Silence studio, March 2005. Band photos by Viktor Koshkin. Original layout by Ron, final composition by Berg, re-designed by Kessu. Contseption by Lembetu & Loits.

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