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Leegion laval 12.01.07

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1. Terasvanne
2. Kolmjalg
3. Furor Aesticus
4. Veri
5. Aeg ärgata
6. Oskar Ruut
7. Soomepoiss
8. Eesti auks
9. Vanade leegionäride laul
10. Valge nägu
11. Hauast aupaistesse
12. Kodu
13. Sinu mees, sinu vend, sinu poeg
14. Võitluslipp
15. Tõelised kuningad
Released: 2007
Format: DVD
Label: Flak'n'Roll Records
Notes: The newsreel entitled “Vere Kutse” — the documented history of the birth of Flak’N’Roll — was a testimony to Loits’ coming of age. The objective of the current canned compendium of sound and image is meant to underline the period of “Vere Kutse Kohustab”. One battle is successfully over for the grenadiers of Loits and now it is time to start preparing for another. In order to mark the occasion, our comerades on warpath received an invitation to join us in Rock Café on January 12, 2007, where all of the most timelessly furious marches by Loits were performed.

On that day a pledge was given that the grenadiers intend to keep rigidly. No-one will be hailed here with flak fire by the battalion of Loits before plans of the next attack have been drawn and new battlehymns committed to memory.

For those of you who happened to miss the call or those who just can’t wait for the next heroic acts of Loits, this DVD was prepared. On it, you won’t find Hollywood-style flashy camera work or never-before-seen massive displays of light and fire. The only thing you’ll get is an hour’s worth of undiluted, unrefined Flak’N’Roll.

The professionally dubbed DVD-R comes in a DVD-case with a colour-printed sleeve containing a foreword.

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