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1. Ma laulaks seda luguda (This Lay I Would Sing)
2. Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk! (See You On the Battlefield!)
3. Rauavanne (The Iron Oath) | mp3
4. Saaremaa vägimees (The Giant-Hero of Ösel) | mp3
5. Hundi loomine (Creation Of the Wolf)
6. Kui meid sõtta sõrmitie (When Recruited Into War We Were)
7. Sõjahunt (War-Wolf)
8. Merepojad (Sons Of the Sea)
9. Merimees menneb merele (A Seaman Goes To Sea)
10. Hundi süda sees (Heart Of the Wolf Within Me)
11. Velekeseq noorõkõsõq (Young Brethren)
12. Raiun kui rauda (I Strike As If Upon Iron)
13. Alle-aa
14. Eestimaa vabadiku laul puu oksa peal (The Song Of An Estonian Cottar Upon A Tree-branch)
15. Sajatus (An Execration)
16. Kotkapojad (Flight Of the Eagle) | mp3
17. Hiiekoda (My Home, My Sacred Grove)
18. Ussisõnad (The Charm Against Snakes)
Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Nailboard
Notes: Recorded in "Eesti Stuudio" Mixed and mastered by Sven Varkel. This masterpiece includes 18 anthems from Estonian leading wolftribe. Get this CD from the stores NOW!

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