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The Grey Calamity
Estnische Kriegskameraden

1. Wooden crosses | mp3
Released: 2004
Format: MC
Label: Beverina Productions
Notes: 1. Ohvrikivi "Kaaren"
2. Loits "Valge nägu"
3. Tharaphita "Voiceless call of ancestors"
4. Ohvrikivi "Tuhast tõus"
5. Must Missa "Jääst"
6. The Grey Calamity "Wooden crosses"
7. Savage Messiah "Quoth"
8. Thy Lord "Swarthy swan"
9. Sorts "Demons on the ride"
10. Pirit "Namenlos engelhuren"
11. Loits "Sinimäed 1944"
12. Tharaphita "Must viirastus"
13. Manatark "Meelepett"

Estland, Estonia - the last fortress at the border of Europe and the East. This land has since the Medieval times been a battleground for the Teutonic and Scandinavian rulers and the Eastern Horde.
The I World War became the War of Independence for Estonia, that ended in a glorious victory over the communist Russia. In the same war Balto-Germanic overrule was cast down and their forces made to retreat from the lands of the southern neighbour, Latvia. Estonians celebrated the birth of their own country.
The year 1940 marked the start of the Red Terror, and the Soviet Union tried to destroy our fatherland. In the II World War Estonians got the chance to face the enemy of all Europe in the ranks of German forces. The Estonian Legion and the heroes of battalion "Narva" fought their way to immortality in this holy war. The European history is scarred with the great battles at the front of Narva and Sinimäed, despite of which the reinstating of the 50-year long communist terror in the Baltic lands began.
The spirit of the heroes lives on in today`s youth, that continue the warpath, now armed with weapons of music. This compilation is an insight to one part of Estonian underground, with a conceptional title "Kriegskameradschaft".

We are the iron fist in the face of judeo-christian system, draw your swords!

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