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METSATÖLL - the old sword reforged

Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218

Five long years have passed since the Tölls of the Wood (or "metsatölls" in Estonian) first tried to pour out the steel congealed within their souls. Whether the hands of the blacksmith were too weak or the spells inefficient, but the sword made of that steel turned out to be not sharp enough.

Today, though, we bring you the joyous news - an attempt has been made to melt the congealed steel once again and forge a new sword, this time with some advice from a Finnish blacksmith. Nailboard Records is proud to let you have a peek at this beauty.

Metsaviha 1
Oma laulu ei leia ma üles

Now all that remains is to equip the new blade with a worthy sheath, a task our country's best handicraftsmen have been entrusted with. The first 500 copies will even be encased in genuine leather. The limited version can in the future be obtained only from Nailboard Records by ordering, or from Metsatöll gigs.

The masterpiece in all its glory will be revealed to the public on Day 11 of the Month of the Dead, 10218 (that's November 11, 2005 A.D. for those of you not familiar with the Estonian pagan chronology) when a mighty celebration will take place at the club Rock Café in Tallinn. Pre-ordering information will be posted soon. See you all at the celebration party of the Tölls, if not sooner.

Author: Ahto

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