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ZORG Activator

ZORG Activator

Zorg has released world's first LP single with total playtime of 68 minutes and 39 seconds. LP single is called Activator.

In order to avoid side-effects, listening of the Activator is reglemented with written instructions in single's booklet.

Playlist of the Activator:

1. The One (the one and original message)
2. The One Critikal Rugged Remix (mix by B. Prikenfeld)
3. The One Punishent Mix (Kristo K of No Big Silence)
4. Zorud Ja Kynkad (Barbariz mix)
5. The Evil One Remix (remixed by Forgotten Sunrise)
6. One And Only Remix (by virgo)
7. The Drunken One Zorg Mix (blended by Dr. Rebane and Inz of Zorg)
8. The One Heavy Metal Demo (the very beginning of all)
9. Hakkame Mehed Minema (Gustav E of Estonia vs. TTÜ meeskoor vs. Zorg)
10. Zorg Actvator

Zorg Activator can be experienced live on 10th of June in club of Baltic's biggest rock-festival Rabarock.

ZORG is the highest level of multi-intelligence, that makes things of the world simple and easily digestible. ZORG selects it's messengers very carefully. The goal of ZORG is to send light on Universe. It is not possible to see ZORG, only feel and distribute. Only positively identified physical appearance of Zorg is BrainBug. Zorg Activator is a tool for activating the Brainbug and instrument for perfect apprehension of the world.

Zorg Activator is followed by album "Zorganized" in autumn.

Author: Zorg

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