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Why ZORG has been quiet

After small break and extensive brainstorming, we have finally recorded all the material for new album. Summer goes for smoothing the edges and then we go public. We really wanted to give you the record already in the end of previous year, but we had strict signal from ZORG himself - people, you are not ready! Now we are.
As it is widely known, ZORG is the highest level of multiintelligence, that makes things of the world simple and easily digestible. We, little people, are just messengers, carefully selected by Almighty ZORG. Worker bees, not slaves however.
Only positively identified physical appearance of Zorg resides passively in form of BrainBug inside the head of every living human, able to count at least up to ten. On 6th of June, a program ZORG ACTIVATOR, created according to ZORG's directives, is launched for waking and activating the BrainBug.

1. phase: On 6th of June, limited amount of maxi singles called Zorg Activator are distributed with purpose of waking the BrainBug with the first eight tracks and to activate the BrainBug with the last one. First eight tracks have been made by Zorg in cooperation with No Big Silence, DJ Critical, Forgotten Sunrise, Barbariz, Virx, TTÜ male choir and Zorg itself. Main track, Activator, is almost half an hour opus magnum, that can mainly be perceived, not heard.

2. phase: Encounter of the first kind (live brainwash) is taking place on 10th of June in Geographically Very Convenient Place - Rabarock's Battery Club in Järvakandi. Zorg's activation from eye-to-eye can cause temporary dizziness and nausea but all that follows is Just Wonderful Life. Only first 600 healthiest brave ones can be blessed. Seven Zorg Activator maxi singles will be on sale in the club with ridiculously high price.

3. phase: Common well-being and enjoying of it until autumn, when things get even better.

That is briefly all. For further details, check out Site will be activated on 6th of june 2005, which in future will be remembered and celebrated as The Activator Day.

Get Zorganized!

Author: ZORG

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