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The grenadiers of Loits plan to celebrate their birthday with full flourish. In addition to several birthday performances and summer festivals (Kilkim Zaibu, Rock Ramp etc) already planned for, with the help of comrades Loits will release several luxurious limited releases.

LOITS “Must album” gatefold LP
The black and heavy (180g) 12’’ vinyl is packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The singularity of the release is stressed with golden print, picture frames and ornaments, that also adorn the four-page booklet with song lyrics in both Estonian and English, as well as a fair selection of pictures thus far unreleased. The regular version of the “Must album” vinyl release, limited to 700 copies, will be released on March 20th, 2009 by Eisenwald Tonschmiede:

LOITS “Must album / Mustad laulud” gatefold LP
In this release we have a truly luxurious and exclusive comrade’s version of the album. In addition to the 180g black 12’’ vinyl the special set also contains the black 12’’ vinyl version of the four-track addendum “Mustad laulud”. The gatefold sleeve comes with another surprise, namely a 24-page book in LP-format, adorned again with golden letters, picture frames and ornaments. The book also includes a score of unpublished photos and a scale of events, cleverly synchronised via track numbers, from the history of our small but lovely nation. Limited to 300 copies, the set will be released on March 20th, 2009 by Eisenwald Tonschmiede:

LOITS “Ei kahetse midagi” picture 12’’ LP
Once again Loits’ debut album shows its viability, this time on picture-printed vinyl, packaged in a windowed carton sleeve especially fitted for this release. The set also includes a poster-sleeve with lyrics in both Estonian and English. The release contains a bonus track and is limited to 500 copies. “Ei kahetse midagi” picture 12’’ LP will be released in March/April, 2009 by Drakkar Prodiuctions:

LOITS “Ei kahetse midagi” digipak CD
The new four-sleeve digipak will be more exquisite than any previous CD release of “Ei kahetse midagi”. The new design includes golden print and UV-coating, and comes with a 12-page inlay and a bonus track. “Ei kahetse midagi” digipak will be relased in March/April by Drakkar Prodiuctions:

LOITS “Raiugem ruunideks” 7’’ EP & deluxe carton version
The 3rd EP recorded by Loits in 2003 will finally be cast in vinyl and coated in the same good old silver-printed sleeve and full-colour envelope-style inlay as the previous instalments. The release, including a nifty postcard, will be limited to 659 copies.
The first 100 “Raiugem ruunideks” EPs will be released in a very cool b black silver-printed carton that has room enough also for the two previous EPs. As all portions of the trilogy were numbered according to the Eastern Battalions, the carton also includes feature stories of those — in addition to three gorgeous postcards, a national tricolour and a Loits poster. “Raiugem ruunideks” will be released in April by Eisenwald Tonschmiede:

Author: Lembetu

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