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BRUTAL ASSAULT festival review by Luix

Brutal Assault Open Air, Svojsice, Czech Republic 10-12.08.2006

First I must admit, that Svojsice is a pretty hard place to find. Small village in the eastern part of Czech Republic, not far from legendary town of Kutna Hora. When we arrived on Wednesday night, we had 4 fellow estonians greeting us already on the camp area.. Next day some 25 more arrived. Now to the festival.

First day.
Thursday, August 10.

Gates were opened at 3 pm. First band was Jig-Ai, but had to miss it, plus more acts, because the queue for entrance was quite long.

BirdfleshFirst act I saw, was Swedish grindcore trio Birdflesh. Band was wearing funny costumes and they had a singing drummer! Show was pretty tight, vocalists singing style was quite funny too.

Next band had some great expectations from me, Gojira from France. I hoped a more powerful performance, there were some problems with sound I assume. Will look forward to the next show!

Then came Orphaned Land from Israel. Hadn’t heard of them for ages. Last album I knew was „El Norra Alila“ (1996), quite old one though. So I waited for the show with big interest. Orphaned LandFirst I was disappointed, because they didn’t have female vocals, like on old days. But as the show marched on, the less I missed those vocals. Tremendous guitarwork and some clean vocals, that was nice. Good performance from Israeli boys.

A while of waiting and then we had gods on stage – of course this was Fear Factory. They did a great show back in 2004 in Estonia, and this show was not worse. It was a stunning one, no ballads, only hardstuff all the way. Burton’s voice was breaking at times, but it didn’t ruin the show. Anyone can catch cold with such changing weather :)
Good show boys, nothing bad to say.

Second day
Friday, August 11.

Born From PainAt 10 am in the morning sweet tunes of Smashed Face woke me up. First part of the day I wasted for looking around the place and chilling at camp area. Checked out Ophoilatry from Brazil a little, but the first band I really checked was Born From Pain from the Netherlands. Their last album, „In Love With the End“, had been among my fave albums for a while. So it was 4:30 pm already, when they appeared onstage. First thing I noticed was, that vocalist had Gorefest t-shirt on :) But the dutch gave a massive performance, crowd went really crazy. I will wait for their next album with great anticipation!

Next act I saw was Sick Of It All. Hardcore veterans from New York put up a show never seen before! What a movement after all these years! Vocalist Lou Koller dictated the crowd from the beginning to the end. Sick Of It AllBefore song „Scratch the Surface“ he divided the crowd into two sectors and asked them to crash together as the track starts :) Respect to Sick Of It All all the way!

And then came Amorphis. Hadn’t seen them on stage before. And hadn’t heard them with new vocalist either. So I had some prejudices. But oh my! Guy had a very powerful voice. Enjoyed the show, they even played my favourites like „Against Widows“ and „My Kantele“.

Action around next act (Dimmu Borgir), pissed me little bit off. „Soundcheck“ was so long and during the gig there still were problems with sound. I felt sorry for guys, being a headliner and having such problems. Took some pics and left.

Third day.
Saturday, August 12.

In the morning I heard Disavowed had a great show last night. Damn, was too sleepy, couldn’t wait it. But hey, it was Saturday. We had some biggest bands of this years Brutal Assault coming up!

As my waking up takes half day, I missed some good bands again. Like Wasteform and Sanatorium for example.

FleshgoreBut I was there, when a young band from Ukraine started – Fleshgore. It has been a pretty breakthrough year for them. Week before they played on Wacken Open Air for example. Performance in Svojsice was nice and powerful. This band seems to have future.

From next act I expected something interesting. Band had a strange name – Tisic Let Od raje and a female vocalist. Unfortunately they played some kind of black metal. So nothing surprising from this Czech act.

RootThen I took a little break and returned when local heroes Root hit the stage. Hadn’t heard this band before, but I liked their show and music. Music can be compared to Venom or some kind old-school stuff. Ten points to vocalist for facepaint :)

Before my alltime favourite Gorefest came up. I had the opportunity to meet with Trey Azagthoth. We changed few words and took some photos together.

GorefestAnd then Gorefest was on stage and the first song was of course „For the Masses“. Show was fantastic, most songs were old ones, from „False“ mostly. It was nice to see the moshpit going crazy. Good to know that old giants are back and people still like them.
Lets see, what dutch boys have to offer to us next time.

Then I took a little break, and returned to see two last giants – Morbid Angel and Napalm Death.

Morbid AngelIt was nice to see David Vincent back in band and Erik Rutan of course! Performance was stunning, songs from all albums on which Vincent was on vocals. Many songs from „Altars of Madness“. And finally, when „God of Emptiness“ came, shivers run down my spine. It was so powerful! Trey’s guitarwork was astounding, you can’t witness such skill with your own eyes everyday. Performance was far better than I expected.

Last band I witnessed, was Napalm Death from Birmingham, England. Sound was so tight, just like it came from a cd. What a luck, that finally I got to see this band, because I missed their Rock Summer show somehow. Frontman Barney Greenway was crazy as a fuck on stage. Tracklist was nice too, including songs from the last album and classic old ones like „Nazi-punks fuck off“ and many more. Hoping to see them in Estonia once more.

This was the end of festival for me. I must say, that Brutal Assault is a nice fest, I mean there is only one stage, so you can see all the bands if you want, standing on the same place :) There were so many big names too, and you don’t have to spend much money to see them. Great country and great festival! Hope to be back someday!

More pictures at this location:

Author: Luix

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