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Two new limited edition releases from Nailboard Records

Metsatöll "Sutekskäija"

The fact that Metsatöll doesn´t like to rest their paws for long must be common knowledge to all friends and comerades of the Tölls. But that a spick-and-span-new laser disc of wolven metal can find a place in their CD-shelf already this weekend must be something they dared not even dream of!

Yet that´s exactly how things are — here and now — the new Metsatöll songs are available on the EP "Sutekskäija" already on June 30 at the Vigala Hard Rock Laager festival, where the Tölls will make time in their busy schedule and greet at the Nailboard Records tent all those interested in genuine Töll paw-prints on their CDs.

"Sutekskäija" contains two totally new songs: "Sutekskäija" and "Hakkame mehed minema" — the latter specially made for the first Estonian male dance festival in Rakvere (together with Jarek "Chalice" Kasari), as well as three tracks from the "R2 Live" radio live recording.

Fans of Metsatöll, be quick, for "Sutekskäija" is a limited edition
release; only 2000 copies have been pressed!!!

Must Missa "Pure Hate"

Finally we have in our sweaty and shaking hands the first vinyl release for both Must Missa as well as Nailboard Records that was initially supposed to be released on the Date of the Beast. On this beuatifully designed disc you´ll find three previously unreleased Must Missa tracks with good sound quality, each recorded in a different studio and possessing a different sound and atmosphere. Thus the EP "Pure Hate" gives a pretty good overview of the band´s creative quests predating the "The Target Of Hate" album and is a sweet treat to all the maniacs into Must Missa and why not those into thrash metal worldwide. After all, the release is officially dedicated to the latter!

Long live the madness!!!

The "Pure Hate" 7" EP is a limited edition release; only 666 copies were

Author: Ahto

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