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22-08-2018 Sick Black Solitude EP now on tape.
18-06-2018 HELLINN - The Capital of Metal
14-09-2016 Tallinn Music Week 2017
24-11-2014 CELESTIAL CROWN - Ascending
27-01-2014 CELESTIAL CROWN - New album on its way!
18-10-2012 GROM's new album release on 31.10.2012
08-02-2012 NEOANDERTALS to release "Australopithecus" on February 17
06-06-2011 Connatural Terror "Lunacy Frenzy" will be released 13.06.2011
04-05-2011 NEOANDERTALS releases new album!
09-03-2011 CONNATURAL TERROR "Lunacy Frenzy" is on the way !
25-01-2011 GORESOERD play TUSKA -- the foremost Nordic metal music festival!
24-11-2010 Goresoerd and Tukkanuotta pick the fruits of Tallinn Music Week 2010
12-11-2010 Ceremonial Perfection signed to Nailboard Records and FONO ltd.
10-11-2010 ANAL CAVES - drum cymbal endorserment
09-11-2010 Estonian heavy music database now also on Facebook!
26-08-2010 Religious community against metal music festival in Lithuania
27-05-2010 B.D.Ö. New video @ YouTube
25-05-2010 Taak rises from slumber. Listen to "Linnadesööja"!
28-04-2010 Kunigunda Lunaria 2010
15-01-2010 METSATÖLL: first single and video from the upcoming album, and an international management agency contract
25-11-2009 Flak’n’Roll Records presents: grand finale of the LOITS 10 season
25-11-2009 Loits' debut album "Ei kahetse midagi" has found a worthy home
28-05-2009 Bestia "Ronkade parved" digipak out now on Evil Distribution
14-05-2009 PROJECT MASSACRE - album coming soon
07-05-2009 MORIGAN releases the long-awaited debut-album "Cynical™" on May 12th under Thrashmark Records
24-04-2009 Flak’n’Roll Records present: LOITS 10
22-04-2009 BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL vol. 14
19-04-2009 SORTS to sign with Regimental Records!
19-04-2009 Sandra Vungi of NEOANDERTALS to sign endorsement deal with Soultone Cymbals
23-03-2009 Ank from Tharaphita to re-join SORTS
26-02-2009 10 YEARS OF LOITS
26-02-2009 LOITS’ video “Haavad uulitsal” achieves 2nd place on MTV EESTI TOP 100
12-11-2008 OPHIUCHUS 2 in Lithuania
28-10-2008 5.12.2008 LOITS and NITROUS at club TAPPER
28-10-2008 Hukkunud Hinged - 2 studio songs
15-09-2008 METSATÖLL have signed with Spinefarm!
04-08-2008 MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2008 calls to heathen Lithuania again!
08-07-2008 BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL vol. 13
21-06-2008 URT - new album USSIKUNINGAS out 23.06.08.
25-04-2008 Smashed Nail Sister - winner of UrbandPLayGround Competition
21-04-2008 LOITS presented it’s new video
21-04-2008 LOITS Home Video Contest
04-04-2008 LOITS steals the show, EMA 2008
03-04-2008 Smashed Nail Sister is TOP1 band in International Competition by Sony BMG.
01-04-2008 CATAFALC "Still Suffering" to be released by TRES-GORE
25-03-2008 LOITS and MUST MISSA nominated for Estonian Music Awards
14-03-2008 LOITS's "Must album" is Radio Mania's Rock Album of 2007
11-03-2008 URT - Two new songs posted online
10-03-2008 LOITS nominated for Areen's culture award 2007
27-02-2008 LOITS in Ancient Ceremonies Magazine
27-12-2007 Metsatöll´s new single, „Birds From Water“ now available!
26-12-2007 METSATÖLL - Iivakivi
04-12-2007 NEOANDERTALS: Video Footage Of Drummer SANDRA VUNGI Posted Online
01-11-2007 The seventh NAILBOARD MAGAZINE is out
05-09-2007 Kamaloka is currently looking for a Singer
27-08-2007 NEOANDERTALS: "Neanderthals Were Master Butchers" Video Posted Online
15-08-2007 Nailboard Netstore Online Radio
01-08-2007 on MYSPACE
26-07-2007 STEM "Marble Men" FOR009
05-07-2007 BRUTAL ASSAULT 2007
04-07-2007 New grenadier joins the ranks of LOITS
19-06-2007 The sixth NAILBOARD MAGAZINE is out
09-05-2007 LOITS „Ei Kahetse Midagi” Gatefold-LP
08-05-2007 LOITS joins the roster of Icon Music Agency
01-05-2007 Pre-order LOITS "Must album"
19-04-2007 The fifth NAILBOARD MAGAZINE is out
13-03-2007 GORESOERD “Goremarket Mid-Prices”
12-03-2007 Ludificatio Daemonium - new merchandise
10-03-2007 NEOANDERTALS To Release Debut Album Worldwide Under Forensick Music In April
12-02-2007 Fourth issue of Nailboard Magazine out now
07-02-2007 NEOANDERTALS pre-ordering and CD release party
29-01-2007 THARAPHITA pre-ordering
23-01-2007 URT - Saatanhark I - Püha sõda OUT NOW
19-01-2007 GORESOERD — old-school zombie-goregrind!
07-12-2006 LOITS netstore
27-11-2006 Fresh issue of Nailboard Magazine out now!
14-11-2006 Brand new T-shirts from Smashed Nail Sister
28-09-2006 METSATÖLL’s concert series „PROTECT THE SACRED GROVES
27-09-2006 New LOITS T-shirts available
27-09-2006 Second issue of Nailboard Magazine out soon
25-09-2006 NIHILISTIKRYPT - new release and first official video
22-09-2006 The new Neoandertals: new album & new female drummer
23-08-2006 BRUTAL ASSAULT festival review by Luix
11-08-2006 Pre-ordering of the "Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk!" CD/DVD
31-07-2006 METSATÖLL presents their new double album!
25-07-2006 NAILBOARD MAGAZINE home page launched
27-06-2006 Two new limited edition releases from Nailboard Records
27-06-2006 BRUTAL ASSAULT festival 11. vol. 10th-12th August 2006
21-06-2006 Nailboard Records calls for the formation of a Street Team
01-06-2006 HARD ROCK LAAGER 2006
07-04-2006 ~Suicidal Angels~ in Estonia!
03-04-2006 SUGARFREE - new DVD out soon
02-04-2006 PLÄKK #8
24-03-2006 METSATÖLL did it again
16-03-2006 Pre-ordering of the TAAK CD
13-03-2006 NIHILISTIKRYPT - new drummer
28-02-2006 First edition of Varjuring tapes damaged
28-02-2006 Sugarfree exposed two oldest albums
28-02-2006 ...Suicidal Angels Worldwide!
27-02-2006 LOITS "Ei kahetse midagi" available in MC format again
07-02-2006 Four artists from Nailboard Records on the Miasma sleeve-CD
07-02-2006 LOITS featured in a Chinese Extreme Metal Mag
09-01-2006 LOITS and OBTEST will play this year's SWR Metalfest in Portugal!
29-10-2005 MORIGAN's Session Drummer Gives Up. EP Pre-recording in Progress.
21-10-2005 VIGILIA MORTUM - Bloody Remorse will be delayed in Estonia
17-10-2005 METSATÖLL - Pre-ordering of the Metsatöll digipak
10-10-2005 RUHT releases debut EP
28-09-2005 VARI - Vihavald available for download!
27-09-2005 LOITS - Pre-order your "Ei Kahetse Midagi" digipak now!
22-09-2005 Compilation "Wood Brothers"
20-09-2005 METSATÖLL - the old sword reforged
16-09-2005 MORIGAN is looking for a new drummer
09-09-2005 NIHILISTIKRYPT - demo released and tour coming!
05-09-2005 VIGILIA MORTUM - Bloody Remorse
31-08-2005 RoC -- III - Noblefilth Enigma new album
18-08-2005 LOITS and METSATÖLL on Terrorizer compilation
15-08-2005 LOITS has a new guitarist
14-08-2005 VARI netsingle "No-Life" avaliable now
11-08-2005 CELESTIAL CROWN "A Veiled Empire" in Estonia!
02-08-2005 HORRICANE finished studio recording
18-07-2005 URT - Pre-recordings completed
13-07-2005 Estonian hard-rock magazine !
12-07-2005 FORGOTTEN SUNRISE "Never(k)now" single release-party!
11-07-2005 MORTOPHILIA - new release out now!
28-06-2005 URT & Regimental Records (US)
26-06-2005 MANATARK & MORIGAN support open air festival
17-06-2005 ZORG Activator
03-06-2005 URT - New guitar player, new songs & live performance
01-06-2005 MORIGAN, SYMBOLIC STATE & SURROGOAT play in Latvia!
31-05-2005 Why ZORG has been quiet
25-05-2005 Nailboard Records searches for a slogan
18-05-2005 The video clip of LOITS "Kodu" available on the internet
17-05-2005 CELESTIAL CROWN on Velvet Underworld Compilation
26-04-2005 FORGOTTEN SUNRISE goes to Russia!
21-04-2005 ZORG in Saku Rock campaign
14-04-2005 NAILBOARD RECORDS - new Estonian metal label up and kicking
12-04-2005 HUMAN GROUND's first album coming out!
10-04-2005 HERALD's Debut Released in China
05-04-2005 SEX MACHINE new webpage with downloadable live video
04-04-2005 MORIGAN & ALDEVIA: Rebellion from South Tour 2005
02-04-2005 URT new album released, new homepage
17-03-2005 BEHEMOTH plays again in Estonia 03.04.2005.
02-03-2005 CELESTIAL CROWN new album "A Veiled Empire" out in summer 2005!!!
16-02-2005 Loom has been nominated for the Punk-rock/Metal Group Of the Year 2004 Award
08-02-2005 Bassplayer from MORTOPHILIA quits!
02-02-2005 HERALD's "HMWTB" released as album by Area Death Productions
30-01-2005 HORRICANE performs at Inferno Festival 2005
25-01-2005 New CELESTIAL CROWN Promo 2004 for download
18-01-2005 Danish Metalnight in Tallinn
12-01-2005 LOITS - "Suomi Estland Perkele" Tour
04-01-2005 ENTOMBED from Sweden honours HRC's birthday concert!
23-12-2004 LOITS - Schwarze MaSSenvernichtung out of the game
23-12-2004 LOITS is honoured to support ENTOMBED!
23-12-2004 DEVOTUS REGNUM - new member !
21-12-2004 HORRICANE sign with BLACK MARK!
14-12-2004 New WHISPERING FOREST merchandise
09-12-2004 GROUDO DVELKAMAS festival canceled!
08-12-2004 Four fists of Armageddon
06-12-2004 Zorg records soundtrack for EMT Christmas campaign
29-11-2004 LOITS - "Meeste Muusika" EP
29-11-2004 LOOM ends this year by supporting Paradise Lost in Riga
25-11-2004 party at Rockstars 26.10.04 !!!
23-11-2004 MEINARDUS in Gruodo Dvelkamas festival on 11.12.04
22-11-2004 HORRICANE hits the TOP10 in BW&BK!
18-11-2004 DARUMA is searching for vocalist
10-11-2004 LOITS on "Death to Mental Slaves"
10-11-2004 SPELLBINDER's debute album "SBR" out on 13.11.04
28-10-2004 SOLWAIG covers eurohit "Beautiful Inside"
28-10-2004 GREEN CHRISTMAS 2004 - 18.12.2004
08-10-2004 HORRICANE's new merchandise available NOW!
04-10-2004 Celestial Crown is looking for a label to release new album
29-09-2004 MANATARK to support CANNIBAL CORPSE in Latvia
28-09-2004 LOITS's new EP "Meeste Muusika"
27-09-2004 LOITS's new album "Vere Kutse Kohustab"
27-09-2004 LOOM - new album and "Tour de experience 2004"
21-09-2004 HOCICO "Wrack and Ruin Tour 2004" rages in Tallinn
12-09-2004 HORRICANE To Support MORTIIS, SUSPERIA In Estonia
10-09-2004 W.A.S.P.: More European Tour Dates Announced
29-07-2004 RAMMSTEIN: European Tour Dates Announced
09-07-2004 HORRICANE To Support FEAR FACTORY In Estonia
21-06-2004 DISMEMBER, SWALLOW THE SUN Confirmed For Estonia's HARD ROCK LAAGER Festival
11-06-2004 HERALD: Live Video Posted Online
04-05-2004 Estonian Metal Compilation Available For Free Download
22-03-2004 Estonian Black Metallers MANATARK To Support MAYHEM In Europe

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