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Abandoned Elysium
Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

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Abandoned Elysium
Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

PSAB: Where does the band name “Abandoned Elysium” come from?

AE: The idea behind it, is that we live in a paradise that is on its way to doom. Just think about it, we have abandoned the idea to keep our planet alive… Even tough this paradise can provide for everyone, we still misuse it because of our greedy behaviour. The name itself came pretty randomly through brainstorming i guess. The word Elysium comes from Greek mythology, where Ēlýsion is described as the paradise in afterlife.

PSAB: How was the experience making the music video for your song “My Saviour”?

AE: Cold. It was probably -20 during the shoot and we didnt know what the hell we were doing. It was our first music video shoot ever. All we did, was that we decided to rent some lights and make the best out of it. We shot it in Türi, which is a small town in Estonia where our drummer lives. There was a abandoned factory or something like that, and in one of it’s rooms there were some old sewer containers, that’s when we tought: “Alright, perfect!”, what can get any more metal then that right? There were problems like the lights didn’t work, the generator ran out of gas several times, too much smoke, hunger, death, slavery, etc. It was freezing, dark, sick day, but we are happy with the result, and that is all that matters!

PSAB: What are your plans for the upcoming Spring and Summer season? Tour? Record?

AE: We just finished recording our new EP, the details will come out really soon, but i can tell you that its gonna be epic! We have planned to release it this Spring, so have your eyes peeled on our Facebook! For Summer season we haven’t planned anything more right now, but we are looking forward to hit the road and make our first tour.

PSAB: What’s the local metal scene like in Tallinn?

AE: Well here in Tallinn we have many thrash metal bands like Cantilena, Thrashless, also a lot of death/grind metal bands like Baalsebub, Nihilistikrypt, Catafalc. Also the hard rock scene is pretty decent in here. And of course there are some young metalcore/hardcore bands out here. As for the most popular metal band that came from Estonia, we have to talk about Folk metal band Metsatöll, you might have heard of them.
This scene out here has a lot of room of growth. Estonia does not seem to be well known for it’s extreme metal output. Although, its remarkable that in the Summer we have such an awesome festival on our grounds called Hard Rock Laager, that brings so many talented bands to Estonia.

PSAB: What are the bands that play the most influence on your music?

AE: The music for our band has been written by our guitarist Kevin, he have been listening metal since he was like 5-6 years old. The music journey for him has been very comprehensive and he likes to listen all sorts of music, from classical music to progressive technical death metal bands. The main influence for him is actually Pantera, where the music punches you right into the face with very groovy and heavy riffs. From newer bands, he likes to listen a lot Periphery, because these guys are one of the most talented players, writers in metal music right now. The lyrics and concept are done by the singer, Karl Mesipuu. There are so many great bands out there these days, but if you have to pick, then who inspires me the most would be Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Dani Filth definitely with his way of writing the lyrics. I like to listen basically everything, except pop, because that just melts your brains.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give?

AE: For all our fans out there stay metal, stay progressive, listen to heavy music. Stay tuned for new Abandoned Elysium release and very big thanks to all of you! Oh and if you want some more metal from Estonia, check out Saints Be Warned, they are nice dudes! Peace!

Author: Pigsquealsandbreakdowns

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