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Lembetu about new album

1.Hail to you, Lembetu! As always let’s start with a short summary of the history of LOITS!

I will try to make it short. After all, who would be interested in dry facts about an unknown band. Who wants to know more should visit our homepage at
In 1996, my friend and me recorded the first track under the name of Loits and hence I regard this as the birthday of our band. Actually, the idea arose earlier, but it is hard to tell the exact time. After the recording, Loits was in lethargy for three years.
Three new members A.Kalm, M.Divine and Karje joined the band in 1999. On the same year, we made our first studio recording and went on our first Baltic tour together with Manatark, Dissimulation and Heresiarh.
In spring of 2000, our guitar player A. Kalm got killed in a car accident. His obligations were taken over by Gates. In autumn same year, drummer Atso joined the band.
In spring of 2001, we recorded our first full-length album “Ei Kahetse Midagi”. We had the publisher while going to the studio, but when the material was done, we were left on our own. Luckily, there were enough helpers around and by today, the record has been released in forms of MC, CDR and digipak CD under different labels like Beverina, Stillborn Noiz and Seven Gates Of Hell.
In the end of 2002, we recorded our first 7” EP called “Legion Estland” that was released next year under Ledo Takas Records. Cooperation continued with the same company and in autumn of 2003 we had an opportunity to go on our first European tour with Horna, Behexen and Salacious Gods. Our second 7”EP “Raiugem Ruunideks” was recorded the same year. This material should see the light of day in autumn this year under the label Schwarze MeSSenvernichtung.
The last record “Meeste Muusika” from our trilogy of 7”EP was recorded in the beginning of the current year. Searches for the record label have ended and we are pleased to announce that the material will be released under young Finnish record company Searing Spears.
In spring this year, we recorded also our next full-length record called “Vere Kutse Kohustab”. This will be released in autumn under Ledo Takas Records in formats of CD and LP.

2.Your second album „Vere Kutse Kohustab” is announced for September 2004. What can you tell us about this album? How would you describe the temporary state of completing?

The album is recorded and the cover design is in completion, therefore there are no obstacles for it to be released on time. We are very pleased with the end result and I believe our fans will not be disappointed.
Album contains of 12 tracks, from which 7 are completely new and the rest originate from our earlier 7” EP-s. The latter are re-recorded and re-arranged.
“Vere Kutse Kohustab” includes an hour of nationally disposed militaristic metal that is packaged into a beautiful and tasteful package.
Those who have seen and heard our earlier stuff should know that we are trying to offer the best possible quality in sound, music, lyrics and visual appearance. We work with professionals only and hence the quality is guaranteed in before-mentioned criterions!

3.Where do you see differences and developments in comparison to “Ei Kahetse Midagi” and “Legion Estland”? Will the sound be close to one of these?

Loits is in constant motion and who has seen our development through the recordings of 7”EP-s knows what I am talking about. The recently mentioned studio sessions have given us an opportunity to learn new things in different studios and find our own style in sound and music. Therefore vinyls are obligatory to those who wish to learn more about us.
What sounds on the album of “Vere Kutse Kohustab” has been achieved through 7” EP-s. Rather, the vinyls have been like sound rehearsals or milestones between bigger events. That is why it is a pity that last two of them were not released on time.
“Vere Kutse Kohustab” differs from “Ei Kahetse Midagi” album a great deal, but Loits has retained its unique face and style in some extent. New album is no longer a typical pagan black metal and tracks differ from each other much more than on our first album, still forming a unity. The rock’n’roll influences from “Legion Estland” 7” EP have become more extent and experiments with sounds, rhythm and vocals that can be spotted in both “Raiugem Ruunideks” and “Meeste Muusika” are now inherent to each new track. “Vere Kutse Kohustab” is a restrained experimental mixture of modern and traditional, bending either towards one or the other.

4.Will there be a lyrical concept behind the new album? What are your lyrics in general about and who is responsible for them? Where do you find inspirations?

The national-romantic style that got started on the “Ei Kahetse Midagi” album has now been supplemented with new ideas and influences from concrete events in the late history of Estonia: Forest Brothers, Finnish Boys, Legionnaires. Almost all the freedom fighters of WWII have received our attention. We must thank them for the inspiration. A number of lyrics on the album have descended from the writings of people who have relived the events of that era.
As you see, we have been inspired by historic events and moved more and more towards today. When on the album of “Ei Kahetse Midagi” most tracks were simply with a national romantic content or inspired by Balto-Scandinavian mythology and historic events that brought Estonia to the map of the world, then “Vere Kutse Kohustab” is a concrete bow before those, who battled in the name of Estonian independency during WWII. New album has also its contact with the events of today.
Life itself has fed us the themes of which Loits is singing. As kids, we did not have a clue that Estonians battled in Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS during WWII. And of course we never knew the reasons. Nobody dared to talk about this back then. Luckily our eyes started to open up gradually and the more information we learned, the more our interest grew. The more we wished to know and understand. We soon discovered that most of these brave soldiers, who battled against Red Terror during WWII, are still living among us and that actually all our grandparents are involved with it one way or the other. But what forced us to sing of such topics is the fact that to this day, most Estonians are not aware of what exactly happened, and Europeans have been brainwashed for 60 years according to the history that was made by winners. The battle of Estonian men just does not have a place in the black-and-white historical approach, where allies were all good and those against them were bloody murderers.

5.What does the title of the album mean in English? Why do you prefer your Native language and not English as many other bands do?

Direct translation of “Vere Kutse Kohustab” is… (sounds a bit skidding and ugly in English language though).
I sing in Estonian, as it feels right to me. I can sing much more credibly of patriotic matters in my mother tongue and this is important to me. This way, joy and anger are expressed in their purest form.
It is sometimes a pity that those, who do not understand Estonian, cannot make out the lyrics of Loits, but perhaps all sorts of album inserts and our web page can help them. Of course, translations lose most of the beauty of our language that is important for Loits, but what is also important, is that the message would reach everybody, who are interested.

6.I think there is a strong connection to Estonia in your overall image. Where does this proud and National Romanticism come from?

This will now sound like a cliché, but the correct answer would be that all this comes from our hearts. We have not been directly influenced by some concrete event, band or something else. We have been nationally inclined from early youth. Perhaps our nation’s tragic past is to blame, and parental guidance issuing from that. But what is certain is that a drop of nationalistic blood must run in veins of each Estonian so that a small nation like us would survive.

7.Who are the “misunderstood and misinterpreted”, whose role you have taken? I think you are talking about Estonian soldiers in the German Army…

You have understood us completely. We are talking about the men and women, who fought for the liberty of Estonia during WWII. To this day, a veil of secrets is shadowing their heroic deeds. 60 years of brainwashing in both Western world and East do not allow people to adequately evaluate the events related to Estonians and Estonia during WWII. They can not understand why Estonians joined voluntarily the troops of occupants, especially when they were such murderers and cutthroats like Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS.
In order to understand one must know what exactly happened here. If we managed to raise at least a little interest in you and you wish to learn the causes and consequences then visit this page:
There is no sense to retell the whole story here. In short – robber and rapist had invaded to our land and if you are offered a club to bash the killer, you do not check and see, who is the one handing you a club. And so our grandfathers acted. German troops were the only alternative to start a fight against the Red Terror – to beat those people, who had painted us red with our own blood, out of the country. Nobody analyzed back then what would be thought of them in the future and who they will be called. Furthermore, it is very hypocritical to call those men Nazis, as you are not calling Brits and Americans communists just because they were the allies of Soviet Russia.

8.Where does that fascination for German history and WWII, that is obvious in your clothes etc., come from? Is it an interest for history, military and politics, or do you also share National-Socialistic ideas?

We are neither keen on German history nor destiny, and we do not admire the ideas of National Socialism. This does not mean that we do not care about European history and we do not worry over the current events in Europe. The wounds caused by WWII still rot and parasites that prosper on them do not let the wounds heal for the cause of earning profit. Europe is sicker than ever.
Members of Loits are not tied to any political organization and our message is not directly political, which again does not mean that we would not be interested in politics. On the contrary. We are very interested in the future of our nation and we are seriously worried. Foremost, Loits is forced by historical hatred and hence the uniforms and general appearance. We wear the same symbols that were wore by our grandfathers while fighting for the freedom of our country. If these were good enough for them, why should we act any different?
I say once more – Loits is not keen on Nazi Germany and does not admire the ideas of NS as did not those Estonians, who battled in German uniforms during WWII. They were fighting for the independency of their fatherland!

9.I don’t think, that Black Metal always has to deal with monotheistic Satanism etc., but your topics are pretty non-standard-BM-topics. Why did you choose Black Metal as the “media” to spread your message? What was your intention behind forming a band like LOITS?

As in the case of most artistic expressions, Loits was not born as a result of prudent calculation. And I still consider Loits as a form of art that appears in very combating and militaristic shape. War is also a form of art I guess. Destruction and creation is the basis to both and actually to everything in this earth. Therefore I did not start Loits with a definite plan to make certain type of music style and spread a message through it. All has happened through natural development and hence our activities are absolutely honest and our message comes from within our souls.
Despite the fact that the style (I did not write music before the word “style” intentionally) of Black Metal is deeply corrupted nowadays, there still has remained a serious rebel against existing system. Bmshould be and remain a style of expression, where people are not afraid to say out loud things that are in their heads. “Political correctness” should stay a stranger to that style.

10.LOITS means “spell” or “chant” I read in an interview. Why did you choose this name and what is its meaning and representation for the band?

Each time I am asked the question, I am in trouble. I really do not know, why the band was named that way and I do not tend to speculate why the idea came to me. The name Loits is just short and understandable Estonian word and that is most important.

11.If you named one band that influenced you most, which one would that be?

Very tough question, as musically (and perhaps also ideologically in some level), the entire Nordic BM scene and especially bands from Norway have influenced us with their charisma. They were the one who gave the style a new breathing and meaning. Therefore it is rather difficult to bring out single bands.
Now we are moving on our own path independently without ever forgetting were we have come from.

12.What would be a perfect direct influence on the listener that LOITS’ music should have? (e.g. headbang, murder, suicide,…)

If our message manages to bring at least little more colours into the black-and-white worldview of people, then we have already made a good job. Let it then happen through hatred or understanding – no matter.
You know, mankind is mostly composed of individuals that simply exist and who are easily mastered through propaganda by ruling authorities, as this mass lacks its own opinion and ability to understand what is going on around them. If people would think more with their own heads, it would be much harder to manipulate them. Or perhaps I should stop complaining and climb for the power myself in order to make that flock of sheep dance according to my flute? :)))))
At the same time, Loits is a dirty rock’n’roll and if we manage to make people rock in front of the stage we are very satisfied. When Loits is on stage, there must be party in the house!

13.In 2000 your former guitarist died in a car-accident. Describe your feelings when you first got the message of his death! How would you describe the influence of his loss for the band?

I heard the sad news from our base player M. Divine. To be honest, I did not feel any deep despair, although one of my closes comrades had passed away. I do not feel extremely sad when a close person dies. It is just pity that I can no longer spend time with him but do not see tragic in death. I don’t know whether such an attitude is just from the way I was raises or inherent, or perhaps I am just too indifferent.
The band was young when Alan died and he had not taken part in writing songs, therefore he had not had a chance to influence Loits from musical perspective. It can only be presumed, what Loits could have become together with Alan.
Estonian metal scene lost a very talented and energetic person in Alan, we lost a good comrade and adherent. I sometimes play a record of Kalm and think what would be different if Alan would still be here…

14.Which musicstyles, artists and/or albums do the bandmembers listen to in private life?

As you may already guess, our taste is not typical taste of metal heads and so may some music styles become surprises to our listeners or even irritate them, but know that we do not care much about the opinion of others. We listen what is good for us. We do not set limitations. I would name only some of our favourites:

And One, Bathory, Burzum, Camouflage, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Darkthrone, Death, Destruction, DI6, Depeche Mode, Endel Rivers, Fleurety, Frank Sinatra, The Hellacopters, In The Woods..., Jeff Beck, Katatonia, Khold, Madness, Mesh, Messhuggah, Metro Luminal, Motörhead, NIN, Ozzy, Protector, P.W.A., The Pixies, The Ramones, Root, Satyricon, Slayer, The Smiths, Stone, Ved Buens Ende, Voivod, Untsakad

15.And which disappointed you most or are just terrible in your opinion?

If you ask about the music then there is nothing in any style that would seriously be harmful to ears and there is definitely something interesting in each style. Although I personally could never hear anything pleasing in Russian estrade, Finnish tango, German disco and rap music :)
Do not expect some anti-campaigns of nu-metal or COF from us. But this does not mean that I would not be disappointed in the development of metal scene. Crap is being released and there have not been any especially remarkable new bands in the scene.

16.What kind of activities and interests do you have besides LOITS? Are you active in other bands?

Well, we have all sorts of hobbies like most active people. There is no point in naming them all. First of all come the interests characteristic to any music lover: we search for good music and some of us collect vinyls, we visit concerts and read appropriate literature.
As mentioned before, we are deeply interested in history and visit the meetings of veterans and locations, where important historic events took place, mainly locations connected to great battles. We read a lot of thematic literature and communicate with people that have common interests and with those, who are directly or indirectly connected to the events of WWII. We are also interested in objects related to history, especially WWII. We will probably dig the soil ourselves in the future.
I personally keep an on the activities of local Earth believers (a religion of Estonian natives). Protection of national heritage is important and I am glad that they are dealing with it seriously.
Most Loits members have played in bands for 10 and some even for 15 years and therefore we are all closely tied to different groups all over Estonia. There is no sense to name all the bands, as not many Estonian bands are known abroad and the list would become very long as well. At the moment, me and the keyboardist are the only members of Loits who do not play in some other band, but this situation might change soon. For example our drummer plays in 5 other bands besides Loits and Gates is represented with 6 bands on the compilation of ““Estnische Kriegskameraden”.

17.You are founder of the “Estnische Kriegskameradschaft”. Do you think a strong community and comradeship between Black Metal bands in Estonia is important? How would you evaluate the Estonian underground in comparison to other countries?

“Estnische Kriegskameraden” compilation is not a sign of all Estonian BM metal sticking together. It’s just that the bands that are represented in the compilation are in one circle of acquaintances. We are all either former band members or current band members but foremost good friends. Hence the name - Estnische Kriegskameraden. My goal was not to make an introductory compilation of Estonian BM UG scene. I am not equally proud over all the local BM bands.
All Estonian metal bands belong to UG and that is perhaps our difference with other countries, where the scenes are more developed. There have not been any stratification and everybody know everybody and get along pretty well (at least they are trying to), as Estonia is such a small country and metal scene is even smaller.
Only Russian language metal scene stands a little apart together with its fans and bands. This is due to notable cultural difference between the two nations. I cannot find any other reasons for this situation.
You can get a short overview of bands in our metal scene from this homepage:

18.Not that long ago you played some gigs here in Germany. How was it for you? What do you think about concerts in general and when will one, maybe even German freaks, be able to see you live next?

During a tour with a weird name “Goat Guts Over Europe”, we gave 11 concerts in 9 different European countries together with Horna, Behexeni and Salacious Gods, and two first gigs were in Germany – Berlin and Scharzfeld. Berlin looked like a sewer of the world. Of course, we visited only the East side and I cannot say anything about the entire city. Scharzfeld on the other hand was impressive. It has a very beautiful nature and town is located high in the mountains. The audience in Berlin was rather inert, as it commonly is over there and due to this we did not have enough spark in us as well. But the audience of Scharzfeld was much livelier. The acceptance of a rather unknown band was positive and we got good feedback afterwards.
We will probably return to Germany n the beginning of next year. At least that is when Ledo Takas has planned our next tour with Obtest. It is hard to say anything specific at the moment.

19.Please give a comment to the following:

European Union: What was made with weapons a century ago is now made without blood shedding. The means have changed but the result is the same – economic and political occupation.

Drugs: I am trying to consume alcohol moderately and that is where my contact with narcotic substances end. I have not got along with that madness and have never even felt it necessary to use drugs. The trouble is not in narcotics themselves but in people that use them. Propagating narcotics is a severe crime in my opinion.

Holocaust: I read the writings of revisionists with great interest and agree with them in most part. There have been genocides before and after WWII and with different nations and ethic groups, hence Holocaust is no different and more important than any other genocide. The triangle that is organized around that word and event makes me sick. Please, stop blaming the world and leave innocent people alone!!!

Suicide: An attempt of weak people to solve difficult situations. Definitely not a way out.

Communism: The word alone should cause nausea in each Estonian. History has given a pretty decent lesson about this ideology. People are not born equal, hence the theory is wrong from the start.

A historical event you would have loved to take part in:
Woodstock! No, no I’m kidding. :)))
There are a number of events I would have wished to see with my own eyes. I would never have time to list them all and none of them would be more important than the other. I sometimes would like to sit down in a café in Tallinn during 1920 - 30’s, during the first independency period of Estonia – to listen nice music and enjoy good coffee.
I believe that I am living at a very interesting time. Perhaps my wish was once to be born right here, right now.

20.Thank you very much for answering our questions! The last words are, as always, yours…

Flak`n`Roll comrades! Hold your backs straight and minds clear and let the national flag float freely high above your heads!

Zine: Final War Divison

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