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Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

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Interview with Ank

Hi Ank! Thanks for taking time for us! Everything okay in Estonia?

Hi, we are doing well in Estonia.

Your newest masterpiece „Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel“ seems to have made an impact. How are the fans' reaction?

Fans´ reaction has been very good, as good as I expected to be or even better. There are so many different bands in the metal scene. It´s hard to get the attention we need. But yes, things go well for us. I guess it´s because we made a good album. Nailboard has done good promotion for us and it seems that a new wave of pagan metal has born recently, which increases interest in older but not less known bands in the scene.

What's your favorite song in „Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel“?

It depends on my mood, but I think Surmatalv is the best.

The lyrics are mainly about epic wars, nature and paganism. Wherefrom comes the fascination?

Actually, it is quite a hard question. I guess it is just somewhere inside me. These themes strongly touch my soul.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Epic-atmospheric black-metal touched by the rawness of old-school metal.

Looking back to „Kui Varjud Põlevad“ and comparing it with „Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel“, what has happened in all those years?

12 years is quite a long time, I´m very proud that we are still alive. We have seen tough times with the band, near to split up. But here we are, stronger than ever before. I guess our music has been changing during the time, but there will always be something noticeable left from the old days in my music.

I read with pleasure that you are already working on a new album. Could you unveil some secrets?

We have already written and arranged more than a half of the songs for the next album. With our latest album, we expressed more aggressive in our music than before. The same direction will be continued but with even some more raw power added. We are already working on demo versions of our three new songs in the studio. These versions will be available at as soon as we are finished. And of course, we will re-record these songs for the real album.

You are a lot in concert. Will you be touring also in Austria?

At the moment we do not tour at all, we concentrate on our next album. We have some gigs around, but not a full-length tour. But of course, without something certain in our schedule yet, we would be pleased to have a gig also in Austria.

Here in Austria we don't hear much of the Baltic metal scene. Could you give us a short overview? Maybe some band tips?

Some of our well-known co-fighters from the Baltics are Skyforger (LAT) and Obtest (LIT). But from Estonia, Loits and Metsatöll get more and more famous and are definitely worth listening. Nevertheless, there is a plenty of great metal bands in Estonia and provides you a nice overview.

Could you say some words about the following terms:
- Motörhead

Lemmy is a living icon of rock´n´roll

- Black Metal without corpse paint

There are so many bands under the label “black metal” that I would not over-react with the corpse-paint. But of course there are some legends, as Immortal, Marduk, etc that we could hardly imagine without it.

- European Union

It definitely makes traveling more convenient. No other fundamental changes have occurred in these almost four years yet.

- Global Warming

The nature is really fucked up.

- Vatican

Just a nowadays masquerade; they try to force their dogmas on every aspect of peoples´ lives forcing down all the individual needs. But there are still so many people in the world who believe that they are the true messengers of an almighty god. I feel really pity for that a small group of people have gained the power to ruin lives of so many others.

Is there anything you want to tell the people out there? Like a final say?

Check for news and listen to our band! Thanks for the interview and Good Luck!

Author: Agarr
Zine: Metalblaze

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