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Burn Still
Interview with

I guess that everyone who lives in Scandinavia knows that Estonia is known from the cheap alcohol and tobacco but how many of you have faced into Estonian deathcore bands before? One of them, Burn Still which hails from the capital of the country, Tallinn has been formed only a year ago in 2006. The group consists of five individuals who shared the same kind of music taste and goals and decided to put up a band. Despite from their young age as a band the group have already put out a promising EP titled "Let The Skies Turn Black" in 2007 which contained five furious deathcore tracks. The group played their first foreign show ever in Linköping´s Deadfest and HardcoreSounds was present to ask the band´s thought about their first foreign show ever. Here´s our chat with Taavi Liinak (guitars) and Olev Ladva (Vocals):

Hello. How is it going for you and Burn Still at the moment?

Taavi Liinak: Everything is going great at the moment. We just recorded a new song and people seem to like it and we just played our first show in Sweden in Linköping. Next month we are going to Latvia to play few shows there so everything is going nicely.

What are your thoughts about the show? How was it to play a show at Deadfest?

Taavi Liinak: For me it sucked pretty much because I broke a string and it took my quite much time to get my guitar back working again. This was the first foreign show for us ever so we were all pretty nervous about it.

Before going any deeper at first I would like to know a brief history of the band. How did you guys meet in the first place and ended up forming Burn Still?

Martin Lepalaan: Me and Taavi met like four years ago at 2003. We were at Green Christmas festival together in Estonia. After having few beers we thought to buy guitars and maybe start a band together. One year later we both bought guitar and we invited Martin, our bass player to join with us.

Olev Ladva: In 2006 my brother Sulev started playing drums and I started doing the vocals in the band so after that the line-up was completed.

Where have you taken the band name Burn Still?

Taavi Liinak: *laughs*. We all tried to make five name suggestions each and then we voted for the best one and ended up into Burn Still.

When you first started making music, which band influenced you the most?

Taavi Liinak: As I Lay Dying was propably our biggest influence. Also bands like Hatebreed and It Dies Today have been an influence to us.

You come from Estonia. How did you end up playing deathcore and how´s the hardcore scene doing in Estonia at the moment?

Taavi Liinak: What is Estonian hardcore scene? There isn´t a scene there to be honest. There are maybe four hardcore / metalcore bands in Estonia but they´re all really unknown yet.

How´s the summer been so far for you guys? How has the summer shows gone so far?

Taavi Liinak: We participated into a competition where the winner would get a slot into Hard Rock Camp which is a festival in Estonia where for example Soilwork played this year. We actually won the contest and had an honour to open the festival so it was really nice. Rest of the summer we have just worked and visited some shows.

What´s in the scope after Deadfest?

Olev Ladva: We will go to Helsinki to see As I Lay Dying on September and after that we are going to play those two shows in Latvia. And of course Green Christmas festival is a must for us.

Have you decided yet that when are you going to record it and when will it be out?

Taavi Liinak: We are planning to release a Split CD with another Estonian band called Spit Blood. It´s not official yet but most likely there will be three songs from both bands.

A little bit about your live memories. Which show has been the most memorable to you guys so far and why?

Olev Ladva: Club Pilot has been the best gig for us. The place sucked a little bit because the backline was quite poor. First time ever in Estonia when people did hardcore dancing. That was pretty cool!

Taavi Liinak: For me the Green Christmas was really nice. We won another competition last year and we opened Green Christmas festival and for me it was a memorable experience.

In the end I would like to know a little bit about your music taste. What kind of stuff are you guys currently listening to?

Taavi Liinak: Ratface! *laughs* I have been listening to August Burns Red, Suicide Silence and Ion Dissonance pretty much recently. Awesome bands!

Thanks for the chat. Any greetings you wanna say to our readers?

Taavi Liinak: Hopefully we will have an opportunity to play a show in Finland and when that happens, come and check us out!

Author: Arto Mäenpää

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