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Loits in Finland

01) How it's going in the Loits camp at the moment, what are the recent news and plans for the present?

Hi Jerry! Thanks for asking. We’re in the middle of some extremely sharp work here. I wouldn’t dare to give all the news, maybe I’ll charm it. I can only say that Loits is in the studio at the moment and much, much excitement is ahead. Don’t let us out of your sight!

02) Your rather original type of metal doesn't exactly fall into main categories of metal music, yet it has many familiar parts especially from black metal and folk-influenced metal. So how would you describe your music to those who have never heard it but who might be interested in it?

The roots of Loits are deep in the soil created by Nordic black metal of the early nineties. Since all the members of Loits have been in the scene for quite a while and survived several different trends of metal, then each of us brings some of it into the music. Folk influences on Loits’ music are however quite questionable, while those of neo-folk are certainly there. Mainly we play norsecore with a rock’n’roll attitude and influences. We call this style Militant Flak’n’Roll ourselves. The latter has become the slogan of Loits.

03) The imagery you use on your website and albums take us back to 1940's or so, telling us stories of time of World War II and those days. What's the story behind this? What makes these times and topics interesting to you?

We share a quite similar near history with Finland and have gone to each others’ aid when enemy armies have begun to harass either of us. Thus you should grasp what we’re talking about on our last record “Vere Kutse Kohustab”. I will not scrutinize these topics here. Who has a bigger interest should get our last record. In short our album “Vere Kutse Kohustab” is dedicated to those for whom no loss was too great in the fight for the homeland’s freedom.
Reputedly, we were living under a foreign yoke not a couple of decades ago and their truth existed here. In youth we really didn’t have the least bit of idea on what events had happened here. Then, quietly, shoddy information began to drop from here and there and soon an entirely new history rolled up before us. The sense of justice burst aflame and no end can be seen to it, for continually the victors attempt to re-write it history. The pressure actually comes from both east and west. We see it as our duty to speak of things as they really were.

04) Related to the question above, what kind of lyrics you like to write, what stories you want to tell and sing about? How much lyrics mean to you as a band?

For lyrics I advise again to familiarize with Loits records and homepage. There you’ll find those words we have deemed necessary to speak out. We’ve used quite a few texts by the old warwolves themselves, for who else could explain those things better than the veterans themselves. Also, everything important about the message got said above. The message, the music and the visual are all equally important. The purpose of Loits is to create a whole where no element dominates over another but supports it, to get our message acted out as much at a premium as possible. Thus lyrics are a big part too.

05) What do Loits think about politics and religions? Do you have any political or religious agenda in your music? Some people might think you're pro nazis, for example, if taking a look at your older promo pics.

I can shower out countless facts and state for thousands of times that we’re not nazis and yet we shall remain as such in the eyes of those who very much want to see us in such a light, so I won’t bother to write yet another explanation and apology. We won’t bow down and account to anyone. If understanding has not been given, then more cannot be poured in with a ladle either.
It can be claimed that Loits isn’t a directly political band. We do not cooperate with any political organization. Also we don’t forward a political message and support no definite political ideology. Then again, every person or collective that worries about the fate of its country and nation is bound up with politics in some way. Art can be made for art itself but I value most such an art which carries a message. You know the message of Loits already.

While talking about religion, the answer is going to be same again. With Loits we are not supporting nor against any religion movements. Personally I support Maavalla Koda. I wish them energy for keeping our nations cultural roots.

06) You once told me that Loits means something like "spell" when I asked how would you translte it, am I right? How does such name fit together with the military outlook of the band you have?

You remember correctly. There isn’t much figuring for you. Loits is called Loitsu in Finnish. This name was chosen for the band at a time when our lyrics wasn’t connected to military themes. Yet I see no reason to change the name of Loits today. There’s something magical about our band even today and why shouldn’t our songs work as spells? Estonians are a sorcerous people, after all.

07) You are known as strong live performance band but what makes you so good in it? What are the elements you work with when on the stage and how much playing gigs mean to you in general?

How good we look on stage is decided by you, the audience. We can’t do anything but give our best, and we have what to give, as most of our band members have more than 15 years of stage experience. We don’t both much with looking for, practicing and bringing onstage any show elements. Our mission is to come to an agreement with the people and to bring out the best sides of our music. It seems to work. Allegedly we sound better live than on a record. Giving concerts is very important to Loits. We all enjoy it wholeheartedly. Besides, every show is the best promo for Loits that could be. For some other band this might be the exact opposite.

08) You have a DVD-R planned to be released (or already out?), so what can we except from that?

„Leegion laval 15.02.2007” has been available for quite a while. You won’t find any Hollywood’ish fast-switching frames or an unprecedented light and fire show. You won’t find anything there but an hour of real and coarse flak’n’roll. This DVD is an example of where Loits has reached today.

09) What kind of plans you have for the future? When is the next Loits full-length out or going to be released?

We are in the studio at the moment and the release date of the new album is set to the national flag day, namely 04.06.2007. I wouldn’t like to be any more precise at the moment, everything at its own time. Myself I wait eagerly for the release of the LP version of “Ei Kahetse Midagi”. It should see the light of day soon in the gatefold LP format, by the German firm Eisenald Tonschmiede.

10) You are also involved in other projects, like record label but are there also other bands you're working with? Could you tell us about these a bit?

Nailboard Records is my daily job and believe me, there is an insane amount of work. In addition to giving out records we are in the business of metal journalism. Nailboard Magazine appears in print five times a year and we cooperate actively in this field with the Finnish Inferno Magazine and Miasma. Also, Nailboard is the largest importer of foreign heavy music in this area.
Besides Nailboard and Loits there’s little time left to live, not to mention any new and interesting bands which I might actually desire to make. From time to time I still help some of my friends. Not long ago I was with Tharaphita, with a guitar on a strap, at their birthday show and also I have borrowed my vocals in the studio to the southern neighbors Dark Domination. Thanks to this, their both albums have two songs in Estonian.

11) Any last words for the Finnish audience you're going to see here in Finland?

I’ll come and say my last words from the stage. See you in Finland! Flak’n’Roll!

Author: Serpent
Zine: WCH

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