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Ohvrikivi is one man project, lead by ex-Must Missa vocalist Berg. Sure, alot of people don't know that band (yet), but Pläkk has no doubt in mind that the time is near when Ohvrikivi is in the minds of all metalheads. Pläkk took a phonecall to England, where Berg is currently located, to see how things are going for Ohvrikivi.

1. Not many metalheads know Ohvrikivi in Estonia. On EstoniamMetal website ( has couple of your songs, anything else available from somewhere?

Yeah, there are two of songs on that site and they made it to couple of compilations, but because both of them are quite rare, I'd say best place to get taste of the music is I recorded these two songs back in 2002 for Estonian UG compilation "Estnische Kriegskameraden" and at the moment these are only songs that are made available to public. I have now and then recorded some rehearsals and gave couple of copies for close friends. I'm planing to get some songs from old tapes and upload them to EstonianMetal website.

2. Tell us a bit how the band was born, who and what is Ohvrikivi. Who does sound, records instruments, writes texts?

Ohvrikivi doesn't have a certain sound, it never was a "real" band.
Today Ohvrikivi can be pagan keyboard tune, but tomorrow fast black metal. It's really down to my mood and what emotions I'm trying to reflect. Ofcourse there are some boundaries I have set to myself that Ohvrikivi won't cross. Lyrical themes are also changing from one recording to another thanks to long "creationg process". First lyrics I wrote were more influenced in paganism, then there was period of more "evil" texts. I think new texts might go back to the roots of Ohvrikivi and be pagan and more philosophical.

3. Is Ohvrikivi material that didn't fit to Must Missa? Explain with few words why did you left Missa.

One can't say Ohvrikivi is music that didn't fit anywhere else. There are songs that I just wrote without having any band in mind, there are songs that I wrote for Ohvrikivi but were later used for Missa, for example lyrics for "Tuhast Tõus" or "Koolita Kristlast Kirvega", which is Missas version of it. And there are recordings that I made for Missa but were never used, so in a way you can say they are Ohvrikivi songs.
The main reason I left Missa was that I moved to England. At first it quite hard to accept the role of bystander, but it was good to taste freedom again without any obligations. Last year with Missa was anything but "just for fun", it was more like second job. That work has started to pay off now and Missa starts to get attention it deserves, which makes me glad ofcourse.

4. What are your plans with Ohvrikivi? How do you call it - a project or a band?

Good question. Like I said, it's not a "real" band, but I wouldn't call it a project either. About plans, I'm trying to find older material from old rehearsal tapes. After that... maybe some new material, but we'll see what future brings. I don't want to make Ohvrikivi to something I *have* to do, something like "oh it's time to record another MCD otherwise people might forget us. That would kill all the atmosphere around it that I have tried to keep. I also have other ideas that aren't linked with music scene, that I'd like to start one day.

5. In Estonia there was a time where we had alot of black metal bands, now it's different. Give your thoughts on estonian black metal scene currently. What does rock on worlds black metal arena?

Not much to comment. Take "Estnische Kriegskameraden" compilation and listen, all Estonian underground black metal is nicely present. I know bands were selected from close circle and all the bands are connected one way or another which just makes this compilation even more valueble. I hope there will be more compilations like that. I'm not really into black metal anymore, maybe because both inside Estonia and in the whole world black metal became quite silly movement, when every idiot could record something in their cellar and call it true underground and sell it to morans that didn't knew fuck all what was going on. I listen to thrash and old school black metal bands more these days. If you want black metal bands then Moonfog bands, old Mayhem, Burzum, old Immortal, Aura Noir. I'm sure there are more bands, I just don't remember them right now.

6. So you mentioned "underground". Tell us a bit about underground, I'm sure we have young readers that don't know that there are different levels in metal.

In principle underground is what everyone has to discover on their own. This is the magic behind it that nothing is presented on the golden plate. There are probably as much stupid bands in underground as there are in mainstream, maybe even more because people are use to get medium level quality releases. Underground is more built on fanatism where fans are looking for years for rare vinyl releases.

7. Talking about black metal, we can't go over old topic - what is true black and what is trendy music. Your thoughts on that?

I'm sure everyone would answer to this question differently. I wouldn't say one certain factor, a really clean sound for example, would mean that band is going with trends.
Satyricon has clean and well produced sound these days and I like it, while just based on the sound they would probably be called "trendy BM". Thinking of sound, I think it's more trendy to release "noise BM" these days where people are hiding their lack of talent behind ugly sound. Anyway I don't care much about this true versus trend bullshit anyway. Me calling a band "shit" doesn't mean they will pack their bags and quite, so why would I even bother?

8. Who from Estonia is real crap producer that you wouldn't go to watch even if you got paid for that?

I guess if any Estonian bands would play around my area, I would go to gig even if I don't really like the band. I have to skip the question tho, let these bands think that they are worth of something and keep doing their thing and make good bands look even better in that light.

9. Final question, how is life in England?

Life is ok, I'd have to say it's going better then expected. I have started to found friends from local scene. I just met a guy who made interview with Missa for his fanzine couple of years ago. Scene is a bit better over here then in Estonia because good people are really hard to find and this gives metal scene a bit mystical taste that was lost while being inside Estonian scene for years.

Author: Lennart
Zine: Pläkk

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