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Interview with Unchained Magazine

1.Hails,Andres! First tell us something about Bestia.

Hi there! Bestia is pagan black/death metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. We started it in the beginning of 2000 by me and our ex-drummer, so far we have released some demos-promos and two versions (CD-R and CD) of debut album in 2004/2005. Current lineup is: Andres (me) - guitar and vocals, Reivo - bass and vocals, Pavel - guitar and vocals, Timukas - drums. There were many lineup changes in band, some months ago left our former singer, so we decided to split vocal parts between ourselves and i have to admit it was fucking great idea, because i always liked variations in music and singing.

2.You newest demo "Õiglaste tulek" has been released Hexenreich Records. Where was it recorded,who produced and mixed it, some info generaly.

We recorded it with our own equpiment, all recording and mixing works were done by me. This release is limited to 200 handnumbered copies, has true underground sound.. hehe and
it is dedicated to our diehard fans. Our previous release was recorded in 2003/2004, so it seemed to be right time for presenting new songs to audience. Two tracks from it will be re-recorded later for our next album.

3.Since it has three I would ask you to describe these songs one by one.

First track "Arg sõdalane" (The Cowardly Warrior) begins with acoustic intro and clean vocals, done by Pavel. Lyrics are in folkish style and they speak about little guy who was afraid to go to battle like real men did. Later when battle is over, he commints suicide is desperation because other people laugh at him.
Second track "Õiglaste tulek" (The Coming of Righteous) is musically more in death metal style, with strong antichristian message.
Third track is called "Mootorsae hääl" (The Voice of the Chainsaw) is thrashy piece of music, with some chainsaw sounds. Well, guess i dont have to explain the lyrical side.. heheh.

4.I see that Bestias lyrics are on Estonian. What are your lyrical themes and who writes the lyrics?And who writes the music?

Thats correct. I always liked and respected bands who sing in their mother tongue and i prefer to do the same, it gives special feeling. Newer lyrical themes are somehow connected with paganism, mythology, heathen warrirors and nature. I've written some lyrics lately and also friends helped us out, with really great texts.

5.Which bands had influence in Bestias music?

Well, its hard question because we are not trying to copy any bands. But basically all good true metal bands give us some influences i guess.

6.Are bands in Estonia in good relations and which bands would you recommend for us?

Estonia is little and metal people are in close relations, of course there are fights sometimes, but in general releationship is good. I recommend to check out our brothers in arms URT, we
are going to release split 7'' soon. All information about Estonian bands are online at

7.Now back to Bestia.I saw you have several albums and demos. Now did Bestias sound evolved much during the time?

What i can say.. as we are more experiences musicians now, sound has developed since the beginning quite a lot, it has more power. And of course music is more technical than in the

8.Which Bestia's song do you like best? And why?

I always enjoy playing of "Kolmas haud vasakult", it is kind of groovy song and public gets excited about it. Also i like very much one new song what still doesnt have name, it has cool tempo
changes and many thrashy riffs. This song will be featured on forthcoming split 7'', so you can check it out soon.

9.Now for lives. Which was your best gig, and which worse and why?

We just arrived from Kilkim Zaibu open-air festival from Lithuania and i have to admit it was really great and possibly our best gig ever. Everything was just excellent, the place (like valhalla!), equipment, sound etc.
Hmm.. cant remember any gig what were totally fucked up, guess there are none so far.. hehe, we always do our best! What disturbed me in past were lazy sound engineers, shitty equipment
and security guys with little dick, who are sometimes very nasty with bands. Huh, but we havent played for a while in such conditions and hope never have to do that again.

10.Ok,I'm done.Thanks for the interview.Any messages for metal fans in Serbia?

Thank you too for this great interview, hope to hear from you soon!
Stay brutal, metal brothers and sisters over there! You can keep eye on our activites at

Author: Dusan Coko
Zine: Unchained Magazine #1

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