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Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

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Celestial Crown
Jerusalemetal & Celestial Crown

1. Before I start with the interview, tell us -- how are you doing these days?

Denis – Thank for asking. We do well. Preparing for show in April and composing and working with new material + private life.

Sergei – Yeah, we do well, except for some troubles with my left hand. It distresses me a little bit.

2. Many of our readers might not know much about Celestial Crown – please tell us a bit about yourselves.

Denis – we have started in 1999 and our first record was in 2001. There are 4 of us –
Denis – vocals,
Sergei – lead guitar
Shel – rhythm guitar, keyboards
Diana – female vocals

Arno – studio bass player

In this year our first release has its re-release for worldwide + bonus tracks. we have 3 albums behind and we wont gonna stop on it as long as we have some new ideas. We played some gigs in Estonia also, but not so much.

3. You are from Estonia, a country most known to Israelis thanks to Eurovision contests. Is there a big metal scene in Estonia?

Denis - Yes, metal scene is here a huge. All info about Estonian metal you can find here

Sergei – I highly recommend you to check the band named Human Ground. In my opinion it’s a best Estonian metal band at the moment.

4. I understand there is a story behind your name - Celestial Crown, what's the story?

Denis – The truth is somewhere here.

Sergei – It’s a long story …

5. Your first gig was in a garage, in front of your friends. Since then you've done bigger things -- what's your biggest show you've ever done?

Denis – We played not so much, so I would say a big show was at Hard Rock Club’s Birth 19 January 2001. It was cool show.

Sergei – Call us “the studio band”. No big shows till we have good drummer. Recently we found young bass player with huge potential for our live shows. One girl joined us on keyboards. But not good drummer yet …

6. What were the reactions in the world to your debut album - The Embraced?

Denis – It was 2003 year J reaction was – tooo much keyboards, but honestly I like it and it was great times when we composing it and recording - each album has its own color so I wont promise that we will keep creating music in the same vein.

7. Do the band members have other jobs besides playing music?

Denis - Yes of course, music is more for soul than for money and its great then musicians can let themselves such things because to be musician, it doesn’t matter where you are from, it's so expensive, you know what I mean ;)

Sergei – yeah, Estonia is not the best place for making money with music, and metal is not the most suitable style for it (except the “nu-metal of course”). If you’re interested – I’m am an engineer in local Institute of Physics.

8. You don't have a regular bass player, why is that?

Denis – We don’t play live so much we need only a bass player in studio and sometimes we record bass guitar ourselves in studio. Example on ~Suicidal Angels~ 2006 – Sergei recorded bass guitar for “Two For Tragedy” and “Return To The Haunted Shores”. There are always some problems, so its better to stay as we are 4 of us. Less people = less problems. Most of bands changed lineup for several times and even split up, we still not ;)

9. The summer festival season is about to begin, were you invited to one of the major festivals in Europe?

Denis – Still not. But all invitations are welcome!!!

Sergei – Can you imagine a band without drummer on the major festival in Europe?

10. Do you know any Israeli metal band? Anything about the metal scene?

Denis – Shame for me – I do not know, maybe its because I have not updated my PC with new music almost a year?!

Sergei - "Salem" and "Orphaned Land".

11. Thank you for answering my questions - here is your chance to speak to the people of Israel! Any last words to the readers in Israel?

Denis – It is so great that you – people of Israel know about us! You are very smart and strong people! Hope someday we will come with show in your country. Until then please enjoy with our dark records. Stay Dark! It’s a pleasure for me to talk to you.

Sergei – Israel is among my “must visit” countries. But now it seems to be a little bit dangerous place. I really wish your country to found some peaceful solution in the nearest future to existed problems. So many years of bloodshed – it must be ended someday, and I believe it will…

Author: David Meshugga

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