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First interview

Answered by Sorts & Uziel (where marked)

1. Please, present the band to the readers…

Hello David!
First I'd like to greet all Spanish metal maniacs and rise my beer can for them.
Well, Nihilistikrypt is quite young band though the members are all well known in the Estonian scene from different metal bands and other metal activities.
So the current lineup is:
Port – our youngest member, very talented and furious drummer, plays also in SPELLBINDER.,
Doomhand – duties of bass guitar, used to play in pagan black metal band IRDHING (rip).
Orc – master of growls and other vocal activities, came from ECTHALION (doom metal), he is also mostly responsible for
Uziel – guitar and also growls and vocal duties, he’s from IGNORABIMUS (rip) where he played bass and now plays bass in brutal death metal band CATAFALC.
Sorts - myself, I play second guitar and am also known from IGNORABIMUS (rip) and JOGANE MUNNO (sick porno and all sick shit that you can imagine put in music, a side-project of me and Uziel).
Me and Uziel are the founding members. We both love and always have loved death metal so it was very logical turn to us to form a death metal band after Ignorabimus split-up. We are also writing most of the material but other members are more and more taking part of the process to create music and lyrics which is very good I think – the mix of different ideas.
Our music is partly classic old school (for I fucking love old school!) death metal with some modern elements mixed with our own weird riffs and melodies. You got to check it out to get the idea! Lyrical side is dark and hateful, nihilistic and misanthropic though it is not just an image. We mostly are that kind of persons and our twisted minds are closely linked to this kind of thinking, the lyrics are usually the result of how we see things in life and what bothers us. Don't get me wrong, we are not a la glenbentonish “evil” persons, we are quite normal (I suppose :) ), humorous and rational metal heads but we see some things differently, much more in a darker and unorthodox way.
I think, that some of our lyrics are about stuff that most people think but don’t dare to say it out. For me it is some kind of a form of rebellion. I have always been a rebellious person :).

2. Have you found a label to release your next recording or are you still looking?

No we haven't found a label yet. We are actively looking for one. We try to send promos to as many medias and labels as possible to get attention. We're doing everything that is in our power to get us under some label. It takes a lot of time, effort and shitloads of money to invest but that’s quite normal if we want to be taken seriously. We want to show that we mean business. And that is our main goal at the moment. We want to break further from our local scene. We have cool bands and cool scene but it doesn’t take long to lose motivation unless You’re not trying to break out abroad. So we have to spread our music, so we might get chances to have gigs all over the world. We like to play live very much!
So, I guess we are quite ambitious band. We really hope that our next release will be out under some cool label, but we’ll just have to wait and see, there are still many promos to be sent.

3. Your music is quite technical and diverse. I assume this is something you deliberately work on, but how much time and effort do you spend on writing the songs before you think they sound the way they should?

You can say that it is done deliberately to sound more technical and diverse.
Still this is not our main goal (at least not mine) to get as technical as possible because technique without ideas is nothing, but it does make compositions more interesting. I have to enjoy music I play otherwise it won’t work for me. I almost always try to create songs that are one step ahead of my technical skills. That keeps me (us) constantly getting better and the challenge is always there to learn new things. Mostly I try to use different and unusual approach creating songs instead of stale logic. As long as it sounds the way you want, it’ll be fine, even if some don’t like it.
The basic composing process is pretty much the same as for most of the bands. One of us (so far me or Uziel) writes the basis of song, mostly it’s just guitar parts, then record it and send to others. Then the ideas start to flow in our minds and at the rehearsals we try to put our ideas to work with the others. Usually then it takes quite some time to get the song finally sound weird enough, the way we’re all pleased and it might differ a lot from the original vision. We’re currently definitely not a band who creates tens of songs in a month. For our songs need some time to get ready, you know like a good wine. While recording this demo we did some changes during the process because some things didn’t work out like they felt before.

4. Are there any bands in particular that have been a source of inspiration?

Not particularly but there are many bands I really admire and probably get inspiration, but not any particular bands. To mention a few then Morbid Angel of course, Suffocation, Carcass (masters of good melody!), lately I have discovered Pandemia and Council Of The Fallen and tons of other cool bands. I try not to create music like these bands but when I am listening to them it gets me to this emotional level where good ides start coming. If our music reminds some of the metal masters then it’s not a problem for us, on the contrary it is quite cool to draw parallels with other bands. But we don't do it with on purpose, we try and want to walk our own path. And it might come as a surprise but I get a lot of inspiration from dark, filthy, cold electronic and ambient music, it just creates some dark and cold themes in my mind. I don't listen to it very often but when I do then I really enjoy it. And not to forget raw black metal, I really enjoy black metal, not all of it but there are some good bands out there.
Uziel: “On the contrary, I try to avoid listening to music. Of course, occasionally happens that I “create” a riff that was already played years ago by some death metal giant…so, what the hell, we dump such riffs and create new ones.”

5. Could you tell us something about each track on the Demo CD?

Okay, lets take a journey to the world of “Required Sacrifices”.

“The Summoning”
Sorts: First track is intro, not the most original name for track put I think it works for this one. All the background and lyrics is created by myself and we recorded the “summoning sect” in our studio with the help of our friends. Basically the idea is that group of people are summoning ancient beast from sleep. It’s not some satanistic ritual as a few reviews have pointed out but the idea is that people are summoning the beast and the beast are us (Nihilistikrypt). As it is our first demo and these people are awakening us from our crypt to spread our music and message. If You listen to the words You get the point – it’s all metaphoric.

Uziel: “Reverberates lyrically my political (and allover) hate on russians (small capital in the word in purpose) through the colours of our national flag, culminating in the bloodshed referring to the main color of old USSR flag.”

Uziel: “Speaks about our hate and disgust against old people, hehehe. C'mon, most of them are really useless and absolutely annoying”.

“Virus: Human”
Sorts: ”The idea of this one was that humans a are like fucking virus, most of things it touches go bad, so this is basically about getting rid of the human beings in most sweetest ways. I guess this is a typical misanthropic vision.”

“Enjoy The Violence”
Uziel: ”Just didn't want to waste a good and passionate acoustic riff, couldn't either fit it into other songs. So, we built something like 4 additional guitar parts to use it well”.

“I Hate Everything”
Uziel: “Grin, had a great song, potential to become a hit, still, no lyrics. So, a pretty simple and tricky idea came along about the lyrics: just wanted to write "I hate everything:" following with a bunch of random things we hate in no particular order. (Almost close to the quote from the play ‘Strange Missis Savage’: "I hate everything: blablabla".) Yet, due to the pre-solo and after-solo riffs we had to write some additional lines to fill the space.”

“Thoughts Of A Misanthrope”
Sorts: “This is instrumental one. I had this depressive and dark kind of riff that did not fit anywhere else but I really wanted to use it. So I came up with this idea to make an instrumental track. Came up with some melodies and these space and cosmic sounds that makes it more void like and that’s about it. Mostly I love this kind on short things between normal songs, it makes the whole thing more interesting and diverse and I wanted to try it on our demo. Pestilence on “Testimony...” has done it brilliantly and also Acheron on their albums, creates the right atmosphere. The feeling fits the title.”

“Rebellion Against Thee”
Sorts: ”The lyrics are quite simple. Nothing to really talk about, the lyrics say all. Musical side is little bit more complex. It took quite some time to get the music for this one ready and still we made changes during the recording session but the result is fucking great, sounds evil and furious!”

“Execution of the last priest”
Sorts: “Title says it all! I hope that day is not far! It sound like horror movie and that is cool because we really like horror movies and it fits nicely to the picture. In my opinion the soundscape of this track is one of the best outros I have heard or done and this is the first one I’ve done, ahaha. Idea used came from most of the band members.”

6. How has the response been to “Required Sacrifices” so far?

The feedback has been quite good so far. Especially the reviews from Finland have been good! The downsides that have brought out in some reviews we had guessed already. But overall it has been taken for good and we know what improvements we have to make for future releases.
We have only a few negative reviews and one that I want to point out. It was made by Metal Hammer. I had quite good respect for that magazine though there are more and more bands nowadays in there that I don't like and because of what I know lot of people are calling Metal Hammer shit. I’ve not been that radical but to call us shitty black metal band? What the fuck, did the reviewer even listen to our demo and why put us inside if we are so shitty when there are probably tons of “cool” bands for them who want their demo to be reviewed in that magazine. It doesn’t bother me that they call us terrifying, but it’s really unprofessional to label as crappy black metal. Anyway, all the reviews are also published at our website and everyone is welcome to comment them or add their own views in our guestbook.

7. You've recorded the Demo CD in your own studio and mastering was made by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering Studios, Could you tell us something more about the recording process.

Recording process was very cool. We built the studio in our rehearsal room which actually was originally built for studio with all the sound isolation and wall with window and all the works. And I’ve been seriously interested in audio engineering for years now and have bought studio gear, not much but enough to do this kind on recording, still some of the stuff was borrowed.
So we had very relaxing atmosphere in the studio and no hurry because we weren’t paying large sums of money, but on the other hand in these conditions you can get lazy and the process can be prolonged, we had some serious arguments, but it all turned out great. It was very good experience for all of us. For me as a beginning studio engineer and for the band also – the bass player had never played in this kind on situation and for Uziel it was first time to record guitars more seriously. Me and Uziel have done many studio sessions and recordings before, but I think we are still not ready for big studio to get the maximum out of a pro studio. So our own studio was very logical decision, we had time to experiment and try the best approach for us and as I said it was very useful experience for all of us. I even think that the first recording shouldn’t be in an expensive top studio, even if you can afford it, because mostly you just end up wasting your money and won’t get the result that a good studio deserves due to lack of experience. But we’ll be ready in the future.
Working with Colin (VILE) was really cool. I wanted to do the mastering somewhere out of Estonia and with someone who is specialized mastering this kind of music. I found Imperial Mastering and contacted Colin. It wasn’t a problem at all that we were not pro band with pro recording. He was helpful in every way, since he knew that I was a beginner and was very patient with me and thanks to him for that. And the coolest thing that everything was done over the Internet and wasn’t very expensive. I can really recommend Imperial Mastering!

8. Did you achieve the sound you were hoping for?

To be honest not quite what we hoped for sound department and it was because of lack of knowledge about how to achieve good sound in studio, also some of the gear we used was pretty limited though mainly it was still lack of knowledge. Still the final result turned out pretty well and we’re happy for it as it is. It’s our first demo recording and my first serious recording, so I was a bit nervous but everything went fine. Now I’d do things differently and I have more experience and knowledge but that is quite logical development process.

9. Do you have any live shows coming up in the near future?

Currently we have no gigs coming in the near future. In Estonia death metal bands don’t have many chances to play live and also there is no point to play very often to the same audience, so people might lose their interest. We are trying to get more live performances outside Estonia (we’ve performed at Conquer Festival, Poland) but it’s not very easy to achieve but we’re working on it. So if anyone is interested to invite us just let us know!

10. Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?

I’m honored to give our first interview to Necromance web and thanks David for great support and chance to promote our band and music! Hope to visit Your country some day and play to Spanish metal freaks! To all metal heads out there I'd like to say: “Stay true to your path! Metal music is fucking greatest music of all, support bands, it is vital for bands to get support from metal maniacs!!!”
Now I go and get drunk!

Author: David Deniz
Zine: Necromance Web

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