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Past and present

1. Hails BESTIA!! At first, please give me the story of your horde, line-up, bio- and discography.

Greetings! Bestia was started in spring of 2000 when I met our first drummer. In autumn we already had full line-up and were ready to perform our first gig in October. In may 2001 we released our first official recording “Demo 2001”, later followed some promos and in July 2004 glimpsed the darkness our debut album “Hallutsinatsioon”. The band's line-up has changed many times due to various reasons and it would take too much time and space to talk about it.

The current line-up is: Tarmo – vocals, Andres – guitar, Reivo – bass, Pavel – guitar, Timukas – drums.

Releases: “Demo” 2001, “Promo” 2002, “Suremise teine tee” (Promo 2003), “Hallutsinatsioon” (2004, Hexenreich Records), ”Hallutsinatsioon” (2005, Perverted Taste Records)

2. The style of BESTIA seems to me many-sided. How would you describe your own music?

Bestia's music can be described as pagan black-death metal with some elements of thrash. You can hear aggressive as well as melodic parts with tempo varying from slow to chainsaw-speed blasts. Also i have seen on the internet description as “epic black metal with brutal death metal influences”, i think it actually matches our music quite well.

3. What are the things that inspire you by creating the songs for BESTIA? I think the beast in man is a theme with which BESTIA deals, right? I also think that you are very close to the nature…What kind of feelings do you want to express with your workings?
Are the lyrics based on personal experiences or are them more stories and fantasies which come from your mind?

I think my source of inspiration lies somewhere in the past when our ancestors still lived in harmony with nature. I don’t believe stories that they were stupid heathens living in dirty caves who didn’t have writing skills until chistian invaders came and brought the “culture”. Their knowledge was lost and violently destroyed, only a small part has survived to our days.
Since those old times many things have changed, but human beings are basically the same as always, they feel same basic things like hate and love, grief and so on. There is a beast hidden in everyone of us.
Our lyrics are mostly based on different dark fantasies. But they are sometimes also quite realistic or spiced with antichristian spirit and themes taken from mythology.

4. Is there any message or ideology behind BESTIA or do you just make the music for yourself?

Lyrics are definitely important in Bestia, but just like the music they vary quite a lot. All our lyrics are written and performed in Estonian and each song carries its own message. I described the ideological side a little bit in the previous answer.

5. What can you tell me about the title of the album “Hallutsinatsioon”? What are the concept and the meaning behind that title?

Interestingly, nobody hasn't asked about that yet! Hallutsinatsioon = Hallucination. I was discovering the forgotten world of shamans at the time the lyrics of this song were written. Did you notice the mushroom on the CD cover? As we know, mushrooms were quite important to shamans for communication with the other side and according to one theory, magic mushrooms were the main export article for ancient Estonia.
No no, I haven't tried them for myself.. hehehe.

6. At first your debut-album was released over your own label. Do you still work on this label? Which releases have you made in the past and which are planned for the future? What is your intention with that label?
Why have you re-released the album over Perverted Taste, because of the better distribution?

Well, there were some labels interested in releasing “Hallutsinatsioon” but I waited and waited and nothing happened. So I released it on my own label Hexenreich Records as a cd-r album. Later I got a kind offer from Perverted Taste and we accepted it without any hesitation. They have definitely better opportunities for distribution than my little label. Also the booklet got a totally new design and I have to say that the final result looks fucking great.
Hexenreich Records is still active and I help mostly Estonian underground bands in releasing their demos and stuff like that. In addition I’ve released two extreme metal compilations (Hauatagused karjed) and one dark ambient/noise compilation. Trades etc. are warmly welcome, so people who are interested in this stuff, get in touch.
The latest release is a new album of Realm of Carnivora, limited to 66 copies, what is going to be sold out very soon. Later I will try to put together another dark ambient compilation.
Hexenreich website:

7. What kind of feedback have you got until now for “Hallutsinatsioon”? How were the reactions of zine, fans, press etc.? Do you care about the reactions?

I’ve seen and heard very different opinions about it, from 0/10 to 10/10, so I can just say that our music is not for easy listening and not for every taste, hehehe. There are some people who write decent reviews about black metal and I respect their opinion, but in most cases I don’t take the reactions too seriously.
We’ve got some interesting live offers after releasing “Hallutsinatsioon”. For example, we just arrived from Finland where we played 2 gigs.

8. BESTIA is a live-act, too. How would you describe a concert of your band?

Just two words: Intensive and Brutal.

9. Do you feel combined with the underground metal scene? What can you tell me about the scene in your home-land?

Yes, definitely.
Bands in my homeland are conquering the world step by step, for example Horricane just got a record deal with Black Mark. The main organizer of metal gigs in Estonia is Hard Rock Club, they have worked with many famous bands like Mayhem, Behemoth, Katatonia, Dismember etc.
You can find here around 100 active bands, who play quite different metal music. Have a look at the site dedicated to the Estonian metal scene:

10. I thank you for answering my questions…Feel free to add what you like!

We are currently working on a new 3-track demo, it will be ready this autumn.
All fresh news about Bestia are online at:

September 2005

Author: Martin Schmalenberger
Zine: Pure Holocaust (Germany)

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