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Winter Night Overture
Interview in Vae Solis webzine (1998)

Greetings, Stas! Is there anything you’d like to tell those who’ve never heard about your band before?

- WINTER NIGHT OVERTURE is black metal and we sceate music as the worshipping of Death and Evil. We direct it against our racial enemies.

You have two demos behind you, “Revelation Of Blasphemy” (1995) and “Incarnated In The Flame” (1996), and I wonder if you’d like to get back in time with me and talk about these works a bit…

- They were our first works, but we always knew that we go to our goal through black metal. When we listen them later we know what to do better in the future and this helps to develop. The first one is more slow music, not like Norwegian one but still close to it by spirit. There is four songs for about 20 min. long. The second one "Incarnated In The Flame" has purer sound, recorded in 24-track studio, more melodic and lyrically more various. Lyrics talk about different Dark feelings and visions, they are also directed against alien religion. They are quite good, but we will not spread them anymore, because we are better now.

Your newest effort has been unleashed recently in the shape of MCD… Are you pleased with the way it turned out?

- The result is very good.

“Weapon Against The God” sounds a bit diffirent from your latest demo tape having more emphasis on speed, being less melodic and various (at least when it comes to harmonies), lacking any synths and alike stuff… I really dig this metamorphosis, although the questions like ‘what were the reasons… etc’ come to mind anyway…

- As I said before, we consciously go in black metal direction and it means constant development towards more powerful forms of Evil. The reason is what is Above you, Above all.

As far as I’m concerned, “Weapon Against The God” is a self-released MCD, right? Why? Couldn’t you find any label interested in releasing it (strange if so)? Also, who’s responsible for distrubution? Whatever the answer will be alike, don’t tell me that you do (did) everything yourselves! :(

- We do most of our things ourselves. We did the discs ourselves, because we wanted to have them and we used them for promotion and we did very small commerce with them, as we don't like to deal with selling. Latvian Beverina Prod. and Norvegian Oskorei Prod. has helped us a bit with distribution. Now we have signed contract with Belgian label Shiver Rec. for 3 albums, so we will strike again.

Did you receive any offers from various labels around the world? Anything worth mentioning…?

- See above.

I looked through the lyrics of yours and found out that they’re written in quite poor English (unfortunately)… so wouldn’t it be better to compose ‘em in your native language (or at least in Russian)?

- I don't speak in any meaning against Russian language, but I think that black metal is stronger when lyrics are comprehensive by more people (of course White People!) As we spread our creation among mostly European people, who mostly understand English, not Russian, it is more effective to write lyrics in English. I don't exclude that later there will be also in Russian.

In my view, WINTER NIGHT OVERTURE belongs to so-called ‘pure black metal’ movement featuring bands whose works lack any alien influences or various stuff like synths, flutes, female voices, etc… Was it a conscious choice? Don’t you think (I don’t!) that you stint yourselves in the modes of self-expression this way?

- It is needless to say 'pure black metal', because black metal become black metal only when this is pure. The contamination of black metal with alien influence is equal to White Race mixing and this process is going on because of alien race presence on our land. I said before, it was conscious choice of black metal way from the very beginning. Yes, this is expression of our Self, which exists also beyond our body, above all, in Endless Darkness.

Once I’ve sent you a promo request, I got some kind of a questionnaire as a reply… and it seems like answering it was as some kind of a necessity in order to get the promo package. Do you act this way each time someone asks you to send him any of your recordings for a review? If yes, may I inquire about the reasons?

- Reasons are very simple - when you meat someone you ask him to know more about him, or? I act like this not always, but when I don't know whom I talk with. We have some experience, we will better not catch every possibility.

What zines are you in contact with? If f.ex. Sotsirh Susii (Tsirhc Susej in English, i.e. 'Jesus Christ' inverted - ED) and Legion would like to arrange the interview with W. N. O. (while there’s a possibility of answering only one of them), whom would you prefer?

- Legion (and all jews) may fuck off. When I called editor Sotsirh Susii, he said he is not interesed in cooperation, but this is up to him. We still have nothing to do interview with him, as everyone does mistakes and he is generally good guy.

What about the local scene over there, in Estonia? Any positive improvements?

- The most positive improvement is young band TCHORT, two guys, Russians, music is very aggressive, Evil and fast, reminding partially DARKTHRONE, ENSLAVED and THE ABYSS. I write lyrics in Russian for them, they are Evil and Diabolic, but have also NS-orientation. Besides they have some black magic properties.

Any comments of the Russian black metal scene? Are there any acts coming from our lands you consider to be ‘true’?

- I afraid I don't know much about this, but out of that what I am familiar with, I like MOR (what exactly? The one from Murmansk, I suppose? - ED)and Byelorussian SCHTURM. Also I have heard that DRAUGWATH is true one, but I don't specially like music on their early demo. I hope more new bands should be better.

Have you ever heard about such organization as Black Metal Brotherhood as well as S. Gusev and Pagan Wisdom Productions? May we have your opinion on their attitude, ideology and activities?

- I know them only superficiously, it is not enough to speak about these things, but the general direction is positive, of course.

As far as I know, you have contributed one of your songs to Blackwinged compilation few years ago… Didn’t you know that it was compiled by Volkodlakh, whose band (THRON’) appears as one of the most miserable poser acts among others in Russia…???

- When we were exchanging letters with them, we didn't knew that they are monkeys, there was no photo in their letters. Now we are aware.

Time has come for us to say ‘goodbye’, Stas… I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing your future plans with us in the end… And, of course, your closing words…

Blood brothers and sisters!
In the name of Our Father,
May Russian Bear awake in your hearts!

Thank you for help.
Take care.
Antideus / WNO

Author: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Zine: Vae Solis (Russia)

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