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Interview with Masq

1.. First of all, can you give us a short introduction about your band?

Vari is a rather new and therefore somewhat innovative band(at least we try), started sometime between the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004. Despite of all the chiefly failed attempts of putting together a live line-up, Vari is a two member band, including me - doing most of the things, and Dagaith - mainly consuming beer. hehehe. Well, actually, since "Vihavald" the band has been working like this: We both gradually collect ideas, send them to each other and do some analysing, selecting what suits for Vari. Then we do the arrangements, recording and the rest is up to me. Oh, I'm going a bit off the trail here. Anyway, we are playing extreme metal and that's how it's going to be. Though, I think our style is in a somewhat constant change for now as we learn and age. So, no release is going to be exactly like the previous one(s). This to some extent "industrial" touch surrounding our music might come from me being involved in several other musical projects, including electronic music. Thus - we experiment.

2.. Your music sounds like a mix between symphonic black metal and industrial. What are your main influences? Which bands are your idols?

My idols are talented musicians. Can't bother to name any artist/band names because I might get angry with myself later for forgetting someone important. Pretty much twisted mind, that I am - listening to very large variety of music. And I'm ever happy to find new thrilling products. Everything I find interesting goes, regardless of the style.

3.. After a dismissal you decided to get back together and you released the Vihavald demo. What was the reason of the temporary split-up?

This one is a misinterpretation. Virtually, there really was no split-up. As I mentioned above, Vari is me and Dagaith(was then, and still is). Back then, it was just the dismissal of the "live members". They never had anything to do with the band's creation and at some point we just grew tired of their regular ignorance, incompetence and disinterest. In fact, most of the "Vihavald" material was already written by then and we had our new goals that we kept for ourselves, for the time being. The "full band rehearsal" period was fairly educational tho... interesting too. We got many things clear for ourselves - what not to try in the future.

4.. After months of hard work you released the demo then. According to the media section of your webpage, we were not the only one who appreciate it a lot. Are you satisfied with the result yourselves?

We have had some truly good feedback which is always nice. Vari has even had several concert offers which we have sadly had to decline due to the lack of live musicians in the band. We were really pleased with the outcome of "Vihavald" when it finally got released. And we still are, especially while thinking ourselves back to that time. I was talking *were* purposely. Because now that we have a new netsingle("No-Life") out, some could be argued about the first demo, things that could have been done better etc. But "Vihavald" was my first full CD production and I still had many things to learn in the process. It was a lot of hard work and pressure. So yeah, I'm satisfied. I was equally pleased with "Vihavald" when it was released as I am pleased with "No-Life" now. I guess that's how those things work when giving maximum of yourself. Always trying to do better than the previous time. Could say that the sound evolves with us.

5.. Although the concept is pretty much the same on every song, you guys managed to put a lot of variation in your demo. What is your secret, is there something in the Estonian air?

Hehe, as a matter of fact the concept was pretty damn much different on every song when we first composed them. That's because we were quite new to the subject, songs were written semioccasionally and Vari yet had its common style to claim. The hard part was to make them sound as a whole on the album/demo.

6.. How do the people in Estonia react on your demo and your music? Is there a strong metal scene?

People who have bothered to listen have liked our music. There is a strange mentality in the local scene that if you don't do gigs you are no one. Not literally but it's more complex without live performance.. But there is no other active band in the scene playing precisely our kind of music, so this faciliates. Our metal scene has been going uphill over the last years and has grown strong. At this point I would like to quote Lembetu from a local band called Loits. "This day we have everything that a successful metal scene has to have – festivals, clubs, bars, record stores, record companies, radio shows and a metal magazine in Estonian. The mainstream media reflects the events in the metal scene pretty enthusiastically and several bands have made themselves heard in radio and seen on TV." This summarises. Links worth checking are: and

7.. Most famous bands sing and write in English, while you decide to write in Estonian. Why did you decide this?

Some things are better expressed in our native language. By the way, our new netsingle "No-Life" is in english.

8.. Are you guys already busy with writing new stuff for a future release? If yes, when can we expect that one? And will it sound different from Vihavald?

We are not busy writing new stuff, we just gradually do it as I mentioned above. Both of us have other projects and suchlike to take care of so it takes time. Can't promise any certain date for the next release. It just happens when it does. I guess I have covered the "will it sound different from Vihavald?" topic above aswell.

9.. What can we expect from Vari in the future? And what dreams for the future do you got?

You can expect that we will keep on rocking. It would be nice to have some live members in the future but it appairs that it's pretty much impossible to find members of a decent qualification for a young band roaming in the extreme.

10.. Thanks a lot for your time. Got some final words?

Vari is not responsible for any harm this song may cause you, your dog, your family or your neighbours. Olge mõnusad. hehe, I'll keep the final words for Dagaith.
Dagaith: ...

Author: Gerardo
Zine: IndustrializedMetal

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