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Mega-Sin interview

1. The music from your previous album was compared to old Satyricon, on the new record nor got on comparisons, even if Carpathian Forest and just Satyricon only at this time this modern. What influence on your music has a creation of other bands.

The members of Loits, as listeners of music, are not exactly faithful to style. It's not a secret that both of our albums are heavily influenced by norse core, but it's definitely not the only style of music we listen to. This means that Loits gets more and more influences from bands outside this genre. I'm not going to name any names; let people listen for themselves and draw the parallels.

With reviews it often happens that one of the first reviewers mentions a few bands of comparison and thus these names start to appear in later reviews. It seems that a lot of reviewers work pretty sloppy nowadays; a lot of them almost copy what's been said before.

I must admit with shame that we haven't heard their latest albums. Since their name started popping up in reviews to our last album, our interest in CF has risen. I hope to remedy this mistake and get myself acquainted to the recent artistic creations of Carpathian Forest as soon as possible.

2. "Ei Kahetse Midagi" released Polish 7 Gates of Hell. How you remember the cooperation with this firm, are you satisfied from her? Why new album you did not give for 7 Gates only for Ledo Takas.

I remember that both Loits as well as SGOH Records were somewhat responsible for the postponement of this release, but in the end the most important fact remains that "Ei kahetse Midagi" was finally released in Poland. We were a bit disappointed that the promotion for this release was weaker than we expected, but now I realise that for purely economical reasons it would not be feasible to heavily promote a release of so few copies. Luckily Loits promoted itself sufficiently enough, so I believe we achieved both our goals with this release and there's no reason to grumble. In retrospect I must admit we took it as a one-time-project and I don't even remember if we exchanged any mail with Zibi discussing the release of the new album.

3.You do not attend that the limit of this album only to 555 copy this was the unsuccessful idea? That go too the small quantity of receivers that the interest him had been/is surely greater? You did not think about reedition in the greater edition?

When we made the deal with SGOH, 555 copies seemed quite an amount, especially considering that the material itself had already been released by other companies in several different formats. With Loits we made 500 tapes and Stillborn Noiz made 450 CDR-s. By now Loits has made a pretty considerable leap in its evolution and interest in our debut album grows by the day. Thus we decided to licence a couple of companies to re-release "Ei kahetse Midagi", and if things go as they're planned, our debut will be released in four different formats already this year. The Mexican Witchcraft Records will release it as a special South American issue, limited to 500 copies. The Ukranian Night Birds Records releases "Ei Kahetse Midagi" on tape, again limited to 500 copies. Similarly limited to 500 copies will be the gatefold LP version that a company called Eisenald Tonschmiede from Germany has promised to help us release. An unlimited digipak version of "Ei Kahetse Midagi" will be released by Nailboard Records. I hope all this will for now be enough to get our relatively hard-to-find album to those who have become interested in it. Nailboard Records gets a considerable amount of mail from distributors expressing their wish to include this album in their lists, which means our debut has withstood the test of time, which is only for the good.

Oh, yes, we had the "Ei kahetse Midagi" material remastered for the new releases, and now it sound surprisingly fresh and many times better than ever before.

4. On your own account you have CD with the video, whereon is found the recording of the concert from the Von Krahl Theater in Reval. You think about the continuation of this idea to be perhaps in the size DVD?

We've had offers to release this gig on DVD, but we've refused every time. As part of Loits history, it's pretty considerable material, but in no way does it reflect the Loits of today. We've promised to make a collection of Loits gig videos to, but haven't found the time yet to go to a studio in order to compile it all. I very much hope it'll happen this year.

I can say, though, that we've made a film about the history of Loits in Estonian, produced especially for the presentation event of the new album, and we occasionally show it to our fans in different Estonian metal pubs. In recent future we plan to equip it with English subtitles and make it attainable to our foreign friends.

5. Planned is the all-European rout, what countries you want to visit. Which from concerts do you consider most successful in your career?

Organization of the new European tour has thus far been the task of our record label, and by now it has been postponed or cancelled several times. I was contriving together with Kaido, the frontman of Manatark today. Maybe we can manage to put together a proper tour with them, but nothing's certain yet.

Our most successful gig? Hmm, I think the biggest crowd we've had, over 3000 ticket-buying people, was at the Baltijas Saule festival in Latvia. Yet it was more of a folk event, so most of these 3000 people were definitely not watching Loits. Our best gigs have been in the Baltic countries (we've opened here for bands like Borknagar, Entombed, Dismember etc.), and the best of them, here in our homeland. We're pretty popular here, and even the mainstream media reflects our undertakings. Thus we always have big crods at our gigs.

The gig with the best feel, though... was a weekend two weeks ago. We performed at the 30th birthday party of our long-time friend Benton (Manatark, Tharaphita, Rattler, Hellroad Orange etc.). This party rocked, man!

6. You proceed from Estonia the country for the rest of Europe of very exotic in respect of musical. What is your scene, what going on on them, introduce worthy attentions hordes.

No reason to pout at all! Estonian metal scene has had a mind-boggling revival and this day we have everything that a successful metal scene has to have – festivals, clubs, bars, record stores, record companies, radio shows and a metal magazine in Estonian. The mainstream media reflects the events in the metal scene pretty enthusiastically and several bands have made themselves heard in radio and seen on TV.

You can get then best overview of Estonian metal at the website You'll be wise to keep your eye on bands such as Manatark, Metsatöll, Must Missa, Horricane, Tharaphita, Echosilence, Pedigree, Dawn Of Gehenna and Forgotten Sunrise. These artists have already had considerable achievements and I'm sure you'll hear more of them in the near future.

7. One of your releases is the trilogy on 7'Ep. Only I don't get the idea the sense of placing till 5 compositions from these Ep's on "Vere Kutse Kohustab", was lacking to you new material to the full album?

The studio sessions during which the trilogy of these 7" EPs was born were undertaken in order for Loits to find its own sound and the suitable studio for the new album, but it su happened that "Vere Kutse Kohustab" was not recorded in any of these tried studios.

I can say with utter conviction that none of the people who've bought our 7" EPs have been cheated out of their money. All of the songs on all of these vinyl releases are the original versions and thus differ from the songs on the full-length album. Also, all of them have one song that's not featured on the album. For example, "Legion Estland" has a very fortunate cover of Tharaphita, and "Meeste Muusika" features one of the best and most interesting songs ever made by Loits that's not found on any other media. Also "Raiugem Ruunideks" contains its surprise.

8. Whether any time you expected this, with Loits you will reach the renown not only in Estonia, but also almost worldwide. That people from many countries will be interested your music?

A band originating from outside a successful metal scene has to do much more work in order to assert themselves, and we've really laboured over Loits, I can tell you that. Thus I believe that everything that's happened to us in foreign countries was to be expected.

It would be naive to hope that we could compete with bands from Scandinavia, for example, but then again, nothing's impossible if you put your mind and hard work behind it, and Loits will definitely stay on the chosen path. Each bit of positive news only adds fuel to our flame. I just read the introduction of Loits from the inlay sleeve of the latest Terrorizer "Fear Candy" compilation, and this gave me a lot of positive energy.

On the other hand, success in estonia has been a pleasant surprise. The new album flung us onto the pages of most of the bigger daily and weekly newspapers here. Our songs were played by most of the bigger radio stations and our video was shown on several TV channels. We've even visited a popular talk-show here called "Koosolek" ("The Meeting"). I doubt if a young black metal band has been so thoroughly and excessively introduced and reviewed in any other country.

9. In what degree did you change as the band and as people from the time of your begining, that is to say since the year 1999?

Both Loits and its members have become more adult since then. Our goals are clearer and we know exactly what to do in order to make our dreams come a little closer to true. Not everything has transpired as we've hoped, and thus we've learned to trust no-one but ourselves, which actually isn't as bad as it might have seemed in the beginning.

10. In the several last years a lot it happens round Loits. Surely at present the band demands the more your attention and the sacrifice than this was earlier?

Yes, you're absolutely right. Band matters have started to demand more and more attention. Due to that we've had a change in the line-up, which hasn't happened for a very long time. Our long-time comerade Gates had to leave the band and was replaced by the young master Karmo. Yet Loits continues full throttle. We've decided to get somewhere, and thus no sacrifice has yet been too great for the band.

11. Along with your last album accompanies to you the military image. What such attracts you in history II world war? Surely you were many a time accused for opinions pronazists for using of the Wehrmachts uniform?

We've been accused of all the sins of the world and we've grown accustomed to that. 60 years of brainwashing has had its effect. We prefer to be happy over the fact that we're talked about at all, and we don't care what the talk is. When needed, we will sincerely explain our viewpoints, and if somebody still refuses to understand our principles, they can only blame themselves. Remember this: no uniform makes a nazi or a communist.

Our interest in the Estonians who fought in German uniform in WWII arose a long time ago. One day we discovered that there's a huge hole over a certain period in Estonian history. We found out that there are many old men living around us who served in the German army. Some questions arose, and while searching for answers the subject matter grew close to us and we wanted to share our knowledge with others.

In brief, Loits makes a tribute to the men for whom no loss was too big when fighting for the freedom of Estonia. On the sleeve of the "Vere Kutse Kohustab" album we pose in the uniforms that Estonian men wore when fighting on the side of the Germans in the Second World War. These uniforms that have Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS symbols, also have the symbol of Estonian freedom-fight (the hand with the sword and the letter "E" on the collar patch) and a coat of arms in our national colours on the sleeve.

12. And perhaps simply you identify yourselves with Hilfswillige squads in which did it fight after the side III Reich 70 thousands of your countrymen against the Soviet- Army? You do not judge that the military collaboration with any from sides of this conflict was
completely meaninglessly, because thus did not givenothing? Powers divided Europe according to the own acknowledgement without making allowance for of the sentence of smaller allied states?

I don't think our grandfathers did anything wrong or fought meaninglessly. What should Estonians have done, then? Let Russians freely impose genocide on their nation and clean the land of Estonians? Try to travel back to those times in your mind right now. Not 20 years have passed since the birth of the Estonian Republic. The idols and heroes of young men are not actors or popstars, but mostly their own fathers, who in the Estonian Freedom War that transpired after World War I drove out both Germans as well as Russians from their homeland. Now, when the country and the nation have toiled for years, made something of themselves and are enjoying the fruits of their labour, Russians and Germans start fighting again. Nobody here knew of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact back then.

In 1940 the Soviet Union in a scoundrelly manner occupies Estonia, due to which Estonia never took part of WWII as an independent country. Red terror blooms mightily. Estonians flee, either to the woods or across the border. There's no two ways about it – it is clear as day who's Estonia's biggest foe. Organized resistance to the USSR forces starts, and when the Germans march in, half of Estonia is already cleared of the Red Beast. As the next logical step, a big percentage of Estonian volunteers join the German forces – when a murderer breaks into your home, you don't stop to look who's handing you the cudgel. That's how Estonians acted. They saw the only chance to stand against their sworn enemy in the most modern army in the world at the time – the German army. If you think that Estonian soldiers were docile national-socialists, you couldn't be more wrong.

In 1944 the front reaches Estonia once again, and by September of the same year the prime minister and acting president Jüri Uluots again urges Estonian men to join German forces – now in order to directly protect their homeland from the danger approaching from the East. The government is formed and flags of blue, black and white, our national colours, are hoisted. Until the very last moment we hoped for help from the West. Unfortunately, Soviet forces reach Tallinn pretty quickly and Estonia is occupied again.

Thanks to the fact that our grandfathers withstood for so long at the Tannenberg line together with other volunteers it became possible to announce the Estonian Republic again, and the Soviet forces couldn't attack Finland from the South, thanks to which Finland has been a free country for quite some time now. No-one knows what could have happened if the Russians could have freely perambulated through here.

13. In yours lyrics you tell also about your own country, you consider yourselves patriots? With what does different according to You the patriotism from the nationalism?

For a citizen of a small national country these two notions are so closely intermingled that it's almost impossible to tell them apart. I am both a patriot as well as a nationalist. There has to be at least a drop of nationalist blood in every Estonian in order for such a small nation to perdure in the modern world.

14. What albums lately made on you the greatest impression?

Mostly new releases by bands in the local scene. It's truly a miracle that all bands here are starting to mature at the same time. Each new album we release through Nailboard Records is quite a surprise to us as well as the whole of the local scene. Even Dawn Of Gehenna's last promo was a big surprise to me; I would never have expected such good material from these "oldsters".

From abroad I can't recall much truly impressing releases lately; instead, I've started to rediscover old classics like the Pixies. Also "Reverly" by Beyond Dawn refuses to leave the record player for long periods of time; that's also something old rediscovered. Oh, I would have almost lied to you. "Thrashing Wargods" by Delirium Tremens is my absolute favourite at the moment; good old German style thrash metal. And I must admit that "Verisäkeet" by Moonsorrow also drops by my record player quite often.

15. What do you plan from now on? Your say-so to end with this interview...

We try to give as many concerts at the end of this year and the beginning of the next as we can. All offers are welcome! Perhaps we will see you there and pledge the health of Flak`n`Roll!

Author: Tymothy
Zine: Mega-Sin

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