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Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

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Human Ground

1.Hello Tarvo! How is your health?

Just fine, thanks for asking. Iíve been waiting for the summer and now its here and donít know what to do with it. But Iíll figure something out. Going to camping or BBQ or something.

2.Why did you called band HUMAN GROUND? What is this mean?

Actually it has two meanings and you will decide which one you like the best ok? Hmm Ö the first meaning is: Itís about the world Ė about the ground weíre standing. Our songs are about life itself - all about our own experiences. We didnít want to have the regular death metal image and weíd like to stay who we are. We love the music we are playing and thatís it. Most of the bands are forgetting music. The main thing for them is IMAGE. Our image is yesterday, today and tomorrow. And the second meaning Ö when I use to live in LA, I bought almost every day grounded meat (I like meat). And when Iím looking around Iíll see people as one mass Ė like grounded meat. So I played with the words a little and got Human Ground.

3.A little bit of history for metal-heads in our country?

Uh weíve been around all the time but our country is that small and no one can discover us. Not that many people either Ė that means we donít have much competition here and that makes us lazy. But independence has brought some changes and the world will hear about us sooner or later  Ö so watch out!!!

4.What you did in LA California? Where are you from originally?

It happened 1999 when I went to discover US. I just took my guitar and pair of clean socks and off I went. Just didnít care that much in that time. Nothing was important. Just wanted to go and I went. I worked, played music, saw the country and came back - sadly weíre never satisfied and wanted to see my friends again. So here I am and donít know how long Iíll stay. Weíll see that. Is Belarus really crowded? In case itís not then maybe Iíll come visit you guys?!

5.I know that this last album was recorded in the band's self studio? Tell us about your's recording sessions?

Yeah, we built a studio and a rehearsal room for our self. Just to save money and just to have a ďsecond homeĒ. Anyway Ö the recording session started in the beginning of this year Ė in January. We had 17 songs to record and not that much time Ė deadlines. We had to be ready in the beginning of March to get all the material to another studio for mixing. So we were yelling and screaming and laughing and smiling Ė everything happened but we didnít kill each other. Itís normal to have arguments and different views inside the band but we try to talk and solve the problem just using mouth not a fist.

6.Why did you can't make mastering in Estonia?

Yes we can but I believe people outside of Estonia are more experienced. As I told you before we have much work to do to get to the 21st century.

7.You know something about sales of new album? and reviews?

I just asked about it yesterday and the record label boss was pretty satisfied. I believe itíll grow every week. People are talking and the word is spreading Ö

8.Who's writing lyrics?

Mostly me but Iíve been pushing our bass player to write some lyrics too. I know heís doing a great job and he has great ideas. Also itís a little change too to have different writers on the album.

9.Did you have a tour yet? or you planning?

Unfortunately not but weíre working on it. Weíre young band and we need to get strong. Write music and just stay as one. But we have some gigs planned outside of Estonia already. Also we have played in Vilnius with Behemoth and we have played together with Entombed and Dismember. So far so good Ö whatís next?!

10.what is the reason for you to make the band in Estonia,why not in USA?

Just one reason. The simple one Ė If I were born in US then yes but I was born here in Estonia and all my buddies are here. The reason why I came back from the states was that I didnít like much those people there. Fake shit. But also there weíre nice people too Ö

11.Do you working somewhere else?

Nope. Just doing my music. I have some side projects going on (check And sometimes Iím recording bands in our studio. Thatís it.

12.Your TOP 5 albums for all time?

Uh Ö thatís the hardest question I can say. But letís do it quick or Iím not gonna finish that interview ever:
1.Metallica Ė Master Of Puppets
2.Black Sabbath Ė Master Of Reality
3.Anthrax Ė Persistence Of Time
4.Slayer Ė Reign In Blood
5.Pearl Jam - Ten
Heh Ö letís keep it that way but there are hundreds of albums Iíd like to add Ö

14.Do you have some pets at home?

I had a cat long time ago but he died. And I had fishes too but when I went to America I had to give them away Ö so no pets. But if I wanna play then Iíll grab my guitar and itís making different noises to make me happy and gives a good company. Also I have a computer. And Iím in love too Ö

15.Your favourite guitar type?

I use ESP viper series and I call her ďBlack BeautyĒ Ö rrrrrrrr Ö

16.Last words for our readers:

Just get our CD from and then youíll see what Iím talking about. And Ö we all have chances and itís just up to us do we wanna use them or not. Metal stays as long as we can play! So donít give up. Make music alive and keep it that way!!! Cheers. Donít forget the booze Ö

Author: Nick Yatskevich
Zine: Legion Magazine

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