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Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

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1. Congratulations Loits for your good stuff. Is it an addiction of all your releases? Can you inform us about your biography?

One likes the mother, the other likes the daughter. Some like our first „Ei Kahetse Midagi” album more, others think that „Vere Kutse Kohsutab” surpasses it. And some prefer our 7” EP trilogy („Legion Estland”, „Raiugem Ruunideks”, „Meeste Muusika”) that lies between the two albums.
This concludes the list of our more significant releases. What else relevant is there in the history of Loits? Ok, let’s make this interesting.
Did you know that Loits staretd as a solo project of Lembetu?
In 1996 i made the first studio rehearsal recording under the name of Loits. After that it took three long years until Karje, A.Kalm and M.Divine joined the band.
Did you know that the line-up of Loits has remained unchanced since 2000?
Our comrade A.Kalm died in a car accident in 2000 and he was replaced with Gates. The drummer Atso joined the band in the end of the same year. Before that Loits used a drum machine.
Did you know that Loits has been on three international tours?
„Baltic Thunder” in 1999 with the bands Manatark, Heresiarh and Dissimulation.
„Goat Guts over Europe” in 2003 with Horna, Behexen and Salacious Gods.
„Suomi Estland Perkele” in 2005 with Hellbox.
Altogether Loits has given 58 concerts of which almost a half abroad. The next European tour should take place this autumn.
Did you know Loits has made it to the TV screen as well as the silverscreen?
With the release of the new Loits album a short (48 minutes) biography movie was made. Also a music video was made for Loits’ song „Kodu”, that was aired on TV this year and caused a lot of excitement. Loits has been on TV before. In 2003 we were in the most popular talkshow here, „Koosolek”, where we also played a song in the studio and Loits had the honors to give an interview there as the first band to play in the studio.
A couple of weeks ago i went to the cinema to see a short film „1+1?2”, of which musical side was taken from the Loits „Ei Kahetse Midagi” album.
At the moment the band’s putting together DVD material for a company called BlackMetalDVD’s. We’re trying to offer a comprehensive overview of our live stuff so far.

2. Are you an Estonian band? can you tell us more about the metal scene of your country?

Loits is 100% an Estonian band. We are all Estonians by nationality and live in Estonia.
Having overcome the low of the 90’s, the Estonian metal scene has managed to get up on it’s feet by today and is evolving rapidly. We have here our own traditional summer and winter metal festivals (Hard Rock Laager and Green Christmas). Metal is popular here and every weekend there’s quite a few concerts. Estonia has it’s own metal record label, Nailboard Records and in the biggest Estonian radio channel there’s a special metal radio show called „Metallion”. What else can you ask for? :)
For the best overview of the music you can visit I’d like to point out a couple of names you could check out. Firstly Horricane. The band titled as „the muscle of Estonian death metal” has inked a deal with Black Mark Records and their new album will be out soon. This year they played on the festival „Inferno” in Norway. Secondly Manatark. The Estonian veteran black metal band has toured with Mayhem and Impaled Nazarene, and have also performed on the „Inferno” festival. Also check out the bands signed with Nailboard Records (, East Trading Wang, Human Ground, Must Missa and Metsatöll.

3. The production of the cd is very good. Do you think also the good production can transmit a black metal feeling?

I’m sure of that. You just got to have the right attitude and try and record everything in such a way that the atmosphere doesn’t suffer. I’m not saying we hit a 100% of what we expected with our new album but at least we tried. :)

4. How can we define the kind of music that you play?

Militant Flak’n’Roll!!! It’s a pretty effective slogan in my opinion. If i’d have to explain it i’d say that we play nordic mid-paced black metal, spicing it up a little with rock’n’roll influences.

5. We see you in the band photo with military dresses. Why?

Those who have engaged even the slightest bit into the topics of „Vere Kutse Kohustab” know that it’s mostly dedicated to the events of World War 2 in Estonia. With this record we bow to all those brave men to whom no loss was great enough in the fight for the freedom of their homeland. In order to make the atmosphere of the album perfect and make the entire package look like a whole, one day we dressed in the uniforms and and held a fancy photo session in the trenches. It was quite an uplifting experience.
On the picture we are wearing German uniforms with the Estonian Legion insignia. Our grandfathers wore the same ones during World War 2.

6. Your music has a little symphonic and also folk touch. Do you think you'll increase these parts in the future?

I really don’t know where you find those folk influences and there’s even less symphonic parts in our music. Ok, the idea about folk influences is understandable cause the black metal we play is relatively melodic and i guess those melodies may have connections to our roots but the main themes in Loits are based on simple guitar riffs. Thus symphonic metal has no place in our music.
In the future we’ll continue our chosen path.

7. Does the history of your land or the landscapes influences your music?

Above all our own musical favourites influence our music but i’m quite sure our message has left a mark on the musical side of our band as well. So far one has supported the other and that will be the case in the future.

8. What are your favorite bands?

There’s many. I’ll allow myself the insolence and list a few of only my own favourites: And One, Bolt Thrower, Burzum, Camouflage, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Death in June, Depeche Mode, Destruction, Exodus, Fleurety, Immortal, Infernäl Mäjesty, In the Woods..., Iris, Komputer, Kraftwerk, Mesh, Motörhead, Monster Magnet, Morbid Angel, Protector, P.W.A., Satyricon, Samael, Thergothon, Ulver, Unleashed, Untsakad, Ved Buens Ende...

9. Can you tell us more about the first, great and melancholic riff semi-acoustic of the album? Which is the feeling that you want to transmit?

Frozen fingers grope cold iron in an attempt to find the trigger. Soon the true friend of the soldier, the machine gun greets you with a hail of bullets!!! Flak’n’Roll!!! :)))))

10. Instead the last song has some folk elements...

I’m guessing you’re talking about the hidden song on the album. It’s a traditional national song about Forest Brotherhood. In the Soviet times it was of course forbidden but nevertheless it was secretly sung all across Estonia and even today the older folks know the lyrics of the song by heart. To perform „Metsavendade laul” we asked for the help of Margus Põldsepp of Untsakad of whose voice you’ll mainly hear in the song. He’s also the one to play the accordion.

11. Thank you for your availability. Your future plans...

Flak’n’roll to all who took the time to read through this interview! Among the future plans of Loits is the assembly of new material, an European tour in the fall and lot’s more. If you’re interested in us then visit our homepage

Author: Paolo

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