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Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

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1. Hello Loits, what's your actually line up and could you resume in a few words the band's biography ?

Lembetu – Vocals, guitar
Gates – guitar
M. Divine – bass
Karje – keyboards
Atso – drums

I started Loits in 1996 as solo project and in 1999 it became a full band. During our six years of existence we’ve released two full albums, “Ei Kahetse Midagi” (2001) and “Vere Kutse Kohustab” (2004). Between them lies a 7” vinyl trilogy that consists of “Legion Estland”, “Meeste Muusika” and “Raiugem Ruunideks”. Loits has given almost 60 concerts, half of which outside Estonia. Most of
the concerts abroad have taken place during three different European tours.

2. How did you come to choose this bandname "Loits" ? What's that mean ?

I had been writing songs for my solo project for a while and i eventually needed to come up with a suitable name. Loits (spell, chant) seemed to fit the aura of the band best back then and thus the name stayed. Before Loits i used names like Varrang and Mardus.

3. What are your musical influences ?

Naturally a band's music is influenced by the member's personal tastes in music. We actually isten to a wide variety of music and metal is only one part of it. Loits however keenly remains on the black metal path. On our first album the influence of bands was more cognizable (Satyricon, Ulver, In the Woods...). On the new album however the music's become much more unique and there are more influences(Burzum, Khold, Immortal, Satyricon, Motörhead

4. What are your inspirations when you write songs ?

It's very difficult to tell what makes you write one or another passage in the song. Sometimes a band you're listening inspires you, sometimes a riff starts haunting in your head when i walk the streets. Sometimes it just depends on the mood what comes out of the zither of evil. It's a very personal matter and there is no definite answer to this question.

5. Are you satisfied about "Vere Kutse Kohustab"?

The design of the album is nice, the songs are enjoyable and sound nice. Feedback is good as well, so why shouldn't we be satisfied? :)

6. How was the recording at the studio?

We spent quite a fun month at the NBS studio. Above all it was school again for us on how to do things and we learned a lot of new stuff.

7. Do you have favourite songs in this Album?

For the bandmember's all the songs on the album are hits in a way. The completion of the songs took a long while and so each song is a label of an era in the band's history and also each one has it's own story to tell.

8. What's your relationships with Ledo Takas Records?

Tadas has become a good friend of ours and Ledo Takas Records has dispite it's small size done a great deal of work for us. I'm eagerly awaiting to raise glasses with Tadas and have one great party.

9. You seem to be very intersted in the WWII. Why?

When i was younger they pushed upon us day by day the version of history distorted by the victors. The older i got, the clearer it became that the story had a lot of white spots. When i first heard that Estonian men fought the Soviet Union in German uniforms, a lot of questions came to my mind. In time it became clear what a horrible lie they were telling us for truth. A subconscious grudge against the occupants grew in me by each day and so grew the sympathy for the men to whom no loss was great enough in the fight for Estonia's freedom.

10. Don't you be afraid that people think that you're a NSBM band?

What's there to be afraid of? They're doing it anyways. 60 years of brainwashing has taken it's toll and whenever you try to show the events of World War 2 from a different angle you'll be labeled a facist (in the East) or a nazi (in the Western world). It would be wrong to say that we don't care how they label us but it's hard to fight against stupidity. I think we've explained our points of view very clearly many times and those who still don't understand it can only blame themselves.

11. Have you been touring this year? there were good shows?

We went on a small "Suomi Estland Perkele" tour that consisted of four concerts in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Although there were minor flaws in the organizing, we had a fun week and the gigs went very well. The Latvian audience was especially impressive this time.

12. What's your best memory in the band?

There are loads of good memories. Last year a short introductionary movie "Vere Kutse" was made about Loits and it was pretty cool to review the old material. Estonians know how to make most of their spare time and the doings of Loits have brought quite vivid moments. So it's difficult to bring out the best of them. Let's just say that the entire active period of Loits is one good memory and it's still lasting...

13...and the worst?

The death of A.Kalm in 2000, a good comrade and a guitarist. Although I don't really fear death all that much and don't mourn too much over the ones passed away it's still depressing to know that a friend is no longer by your side.

14. Tourdates in France soon?

Is that an invitation? I'd gladly come. Already during the previous European tour it was a shame that we didn't visit any of the mediterrannean countries. Maybe we'll pull it off this time.

15. Do you have a message for the fans ?

Flak'n'roll to everyone who took the time to read through this quick interview. Who wants to know more about Loits visit our homepage

Author: Bennes Vincent
Zine: Metal Sickness

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