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1. Heil Lembetu and the all mighty LOITS horde! How do you do, how are the things in Estland nowadays?

Flak’n’roll! Thanks for asking. The Loits grenadiers are all just fine although recently the band hasn’t been together much. We mostly see each other at Loits gigs :)
Spring is creeping to Estonia and the long dark period is coming to an end. The less you want to hear news about local politics. It’s crossed every possible line.

2. First of all,let me congratulate you for the “Vere Kutse Kohustab“,it is the best heathenic pagan black metal relase that i have received in 2004.I'm saying these word without the pity feeling of exaggration,I mean on that!So how are the reactions for this new LOITS opus so far?Is there any unpleasant comment on this album?

Thank you sir. The Western press has accepted us well, in Estonia our songs are played on the radio and the bigger newspapers have all made an interview with us. Even the video was on television. So we can’t really complain. Actually we expected slightly greater success outside of Estonia. Maybe that’s yet to come. Of course we’ve gained a lot of enemies as well. There are people who wouldn’t hesitate to try and tackle us at any chance both in and outside of Estonia, but what do we care. People with a vision and something intelligent to say have always been feared and flamed. Loits has chosen it’s path and will walk it with a straight back til the victorious ending.

3. Will there be European tour with Obtest as it has been alreday stated in your bio?

Unfortunately that tour will be cancelled because of many reasons. Firstly Tadas (Ledo Takas) wanted Nokturnal Mortum as the tour headliner, because of whom most of the gig offers were turned down and secondly Obtest failed again at releasing their new album on time. It’s a shame, but we’re already planning a new tour in October. Let’s hope it works.

4. May you enlighten me on the lyrical direction of the “Vere Kutse Kohustab“? I think, correct me if i m mistaken, all lyricsare written in your mother tongue-which i highly appreaciate-do you think is it better to compose the lyrical character of the band in his own language?

With our new album we’re just bowing to those men to whom no loss was great enough for their homeland. Also we’re continuing the national-romantic line that begun with the previous album. Keeping all that in mind it’s logical that we do it in our native language. Maybe that’s why our message won’t get through to all of the non-Estonian speaking audience but I still feel it’s best to sing in your mother tongue about such things. Also the lyrics are definitely easier to compose in your native language. This way you’ll be sure to put more into them than you would in the language you’re not fluent at.

5. On the other hand, I think there are references to WWII in your lyrics,am i right?

It’s still a tangible period for us, but not for long. Another ten years and the living history will pass away for good. When else than today is the time to bow to the people once caught in those whirlwinds and listen to what they have to say to us. Loits surely won’t pass up on that chance.

6.What is the name of LOITS stands for in your musical spirit?

If you mean by that: ”How’s the band name Loits connected to the spirit you carry in your music?”, then the answer would be: It’s really not. The name Loits (spell) was given to the band at the time we didn’t directly sing about war. It fit the mythological-historical lyrics and the national-romanticism very well. In fact we haven’t totally lost our esoteric undertone and the national-romantic texts will always have a place in the band, so the name suits our group well today and in the future.

7. The album cover of “Vere Kutse Kohustab“ seems really great ,why did you chose this kind of cover,whose sculpture is it that is employed on the cover of “Vere Kutse Kohustab“?

One day we had gotten so far that the studio session was over and even the trench photos were taken. We had to start on the album design but we didn’t have a cover picture. The situation was already becoming critical when M.Divine came to the idea of using the image of an Independence war statue situated at Suure-Jaani as a cover picture. The idea was good and so one day the camera was packed and the sights were set for Southern-Estonia.
As mentioned before, it’s an Independence war statue that represents the ancient freedom fighter Lembitu, among whose accomplishments is the uniting of Estonia against the bringers of Christianity. This way three periods of the fight for freedom have been remotely connected on our album: Firstly the ancient Freedom Fight (1208-1227) where they fought against the crusaders from the West (mostly Germans) and the Russians pushing on from the East. Secondly the Independence war (1918-1920) during which boththe Red army and the Germans were banished from Estonia and thirdly the 2nd World War, during which they had to once again seize arms in defence of their homeland and again Germans and Russians were involved.

8. Can you give some info about the Loits’ history,ancient activities of the band etc,there may be ones who might be interestedin historiacal side of Loits?

The group Loits became a full band in 1999, it grew out of the solo project of Lembetu, that would be me, initiated in 1996. During our six years of existence we’ve released two full albums, “Ei Kahetse Midagi” (2001) and “Vere Kutse Kohustab” (2004) and between them lies a 7” vinyl trilogy that consists of “Legion Estland”, “Meeste Muusika” and “Raiugem Ruunideks”. The release of the latter is unfortunately delayed.
By today, Loits has given more than 60 concerts, most of which were during three European tours. Loits has shared the stage with Borknagar, Entombed, Dismember, Skyforger, Swallow the Sun, Horna, Behexen, Omnium Gatherum, Neglected Fields, Trollech etc.

9. You have been empoying the definition of the “National Romantic Black Metal”Why did you chose this kind of definition for the Loits’ music? Actually it suits well with the general theme?

We used such a style name while promoting our first album “Ei Kahetse Midagi”. More precisely we used the term “National-Romantic Extreme Metal”. The name you displayed was used by Beverina Productions. I guess both of these describe our doings back then quite well. Our first album was filled with subjects related to national-romanticism combined with history and mythology. By today our message has changed a bit. The national-romanticism has stayed. The subjects related to history have become more specific and have moved to a more recent and tangible period for us. The music of Loits has recently been greatly influenced by Rock’n’Roll. Thus the term “Militant Flak’n’Roll” suits the present Loits better.

10. What is the most disgusting question that you become angry if it is ased in an interview?

The most annoying questions are the ones where the interviewer concentrates on displaying his own views and takes the negative attitude towards the band without giving a free discussion a chance. Also questions with a lot of factual mistakes cause a lot of stress. Over a longer period also the repeating questions, like the eight one here become annoying. I wouldn’t want the answers to become repetitive and so it’s really difficult to take a fresh approach to such questions.

11.As it has been always stated, black metal is far more ideological, when compared to,l ets say thrash metal or death metal metal etc. So what are your ideas on nowadays modern black metal-symphonic black metal ,should i say?

Modern and symphonic black metal affect me just as little as all those thousand of underground-ideological black metal groups who release a very limited demo with über-shit quality and then beat their chests declaring how truly idealistic they are. Often they don’t differ from the rest by the music nor the ideology. Their interviews are inept and the music average of the scene at best. Who are you trying to impress with your crap? Whom do you expect your message to reach? Your friends already know what you do.
I’d rather listen to well-played thrash or death metal than this so called ideological black metal shit.

12. I have to admit that the promo photos of “Vere Kutse Kohustab“are one of the bests i have ever seen,it says in your bio that that you have worked with pro.Estonian photographers for these photos. How was that period and why did you chose that kind of expression for the pictures? On the other hand-related with this theme –it is very sad for me to see that most of the bands of todays scene has been skipping the idea of „imagery“.Dont you think that should the band member have an image which suits well with the musical character?

Yes, in many ways the metal industry of today is depressing. Certain scene’s keep using the same cliché’s. The albums look the same and when one band becomes successful, a parade of clones followes. The more I expect surprises out of the underground scene but rarely anything interesting comes out of there. Insipidity grows everywhere.
Loits definitely cares for the musical, conceptual as well as the visual quality. All these three factors must form a harmonic entity. Thus none of the sides can be weaker by quality than the other. At the same time there’s nothing enforced in our doings.
“Vere Kutse Kohustab” is dedicated to the events of WW2 and so it’s quite logical that one fine spring day the band found themselves in uniforms and in trenches. It was a spiritual experience to dress up as our grandfathers for one day and to bear arms that had probably slain a great number of enemies. We’ll remember this day for a long time.

13.Estonia has has already joined the European Union. What are your views on this and what is the general feeling about the EU in Estonia? As we all know there are some other countries as well who wants to join EU in the near future like Turkey etc.What are your ideras on this subject? Has the countries like Turkey had a place in EU? Dont you think that does Turkey needs time for such kind of act?

I don’t know whether Turkey needs more time to join with the EU. I myself consider Turkey to be more of an Asian country than European so I see no reason at all for them to join the EU.
Anyways, the Union is stupid. For Estonia it means an occupation without a war. I feel sorry for the people who were forced into this by well-thought propaganda. The whole referendum was a farce. The joining with the EU was decided long ago. I am more than confident that unless internal changes are carried out within the EU it means the end of our country and a severe blow to the nation.

14.What have you been listening to lately? Do you have some recommens for me from the Baltic and mighty Slovonic scene? Actually i hooked on this Nokturnal Mortum album “Lunar Poetry” nowadays. Do you like this album?

I’ve been listening to a lot of music recently. My CD player is busy from early morning til late at night. So a list of recently heard albums would grow very big. The last more outstanding findings are Nortt “Graven” (Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal)and Droys “Experience” (Technical Thrash/Death Metal).
What’s the connection between Estonia and the Baltics and the Slavonic scene? The people of the Baltics are not Slavs. If to recommend anything from here, it would be the soon to-be-released Must Missa album “The Target of Hate”.
We’ve performed once together with Nokturnal Mortum, in Lithuania and they gave a very professional concert but I’ve never liked their music.

15.For you,what are the main diffences between the US scene and the European ?Especially when compared in terms of ideologically?

“American” is not a nationality. They have different traditions and their links to their roots are weaker. Thus they couldn’t adequately play pagan black metal or folk metal. The kind which would have a cognizable, deeper connection to the past. That’s why they can more adequately carry a satanic message or the pro-white message when considering NS bands.

16.Thanks Lembetu, for your help for Frost Mag. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks for the interview Ozgen and Flak’n’Roll to all those who happen to read this!

Author: Ozgen Okyay
Zine: Frost

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